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Brownie Recipes

62 Best Chocolate Brownie Recipes That Will Melt in Your Mouth (Literally) – Savory Style

Last Updated on March 28, 2021 by smartkitchenpicks

A delicious cross between cake and fudge, the brownie has got to be one of the world’s most-loved desserts. Try this 62 chocolate brownie recipes. From gooey centers to drizzling icing or the perfect crunch – what’s not to love about this sweet treat?

We’ve rounded-up 60 of the best brownie recipe to help you satisfy your sweet cravings. Whether you’re a fan of fruity, rich, boozy, or chocolatey brownie recipes, you’re sure to find something you’ll love below!

Did we mention that some of these recipes are even sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, or high in protein? Yup, we’ve got just about all bases covered.

Chocolate Brownie Recipes:

They’re dense enough to be brownies, but gooey enough to be considered cousins to lemon bars. You get the best of both worlds in every bite. And did I mention the glaze? I like that glaze. These are gooey lemon raspberry brownies from Savory style.

These double chocolate strawberry coconut brownies are absolute heaven! A Healthy Life for Me ensures us that they’re also paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and contain no granulated sugar.

chocolate strawberry coconut browniescoconut brownies

Don’t these chocolate chip banana bread brownies sound delightful? Amy’s Healthy Baking will even share her brownie recipe with you!

chocolate chip banana bread brownies

We’re not quite sure if it gets any better than these brownie Belgium waffles à la mode by A Spicy Perspective, but if it does, let us know! Add some ice cream and fudge sauce for the ultimate night-in dessert.

brownie Belgium waffles

These brownies might look innocent, but they also pack a tasty punch! Back to Her Roots loves this recipe for bourbon chocolate chip blondies.


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Bites. They’re healthy-er, but you’d never be able to tell by looking at them.

Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownie

We’ve got three words for you: butter finger cheesecake brownie recipes! Do these look scrumptious or what? Baker By Nature has this wonderful recipe for you.

butter finger cheesecake brownies

If you want a delicious idea for brownies which won’t leave you feeling as guilty, then why not try these chocolate-covered strawberry brownie recipes from Bakerita? They’re paleo and gluten-free…Woohoo!

chocolate-covered strawberry brownie

Speaking of healthier brownie options, here’s an idea for raw matcha brownie recipes from the talented Becomingness! Not only are they eye-catching, they’re also super delicious.

raw matcha brownies

Here’s one for all of you dark chocolate haters, or should we say white chocolate lovers? Broma Bakery has created these brownie recipes using milk chocolate for a creamier yet just-as-sweet taste!

milk chocolate brownies

Here’s one dessert which you’ll want seconds and thirds of…mocha brownies with coffee frosting and Oreos! Broma Bakery certainly knows how to delight her dinner guests!

mocha brownies with coffee frosting

Everyone needs to make or at least try a Nutella brownie in their lifetime – there’s just no competing with that hazelnut goodness! Buns in my Oven certainly agrees and has shared her recipe with everyone – how awesome is that?

Nutella brownie

Butter Baking has come up with the ultimate dessert combination with these salted caramel pretzel brownie recipes. They’re so good that all of your guests will want the recipe, so you’d better be prepared!

caramel pretzel brownies

These low-carb zucchini brownies (yes, you heard correctly!) from Café Delights are just too good to pass-up, plus they’re a super sweet and tasty way for your children to eat zucchini…without even knowing it!

low-carb zucchini brownies

You’re going to want to read this one from Café Delights twice – espresso fudge brownies with mocha swirl cookie dough…delicious!

espresso fudge brownies

These famous Poke Turtle brownie recipe from Carl’s Bad Cravings include chocolate, caramel and pecans for a decadent and oozy dessert. Just the way we like it!

Poke Turtle brownies

These unbaked brownie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie have been dubbed the “ultimate” brownies, plus they’re dairy-free, egg-free, raw, vegan, paleo, & gluten-free. Surprise!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Here’s a really great alternative to your more traditional Easter desserts! These brownie recipe from Cincy Shopper have Cadbury eggs in them – Yum!

traditional Easter brownies

We bet that “beer brownies” will get your attention! Dessert for Two likes to create these stout brownies with coffee or chocolate stout beer.

beer brownies

S’mores brownies anyone? We’ll take a dozen! Eazy Peazy Mealz is here to show you how to create this culinary masterpiece.

S’mores brownies

You’ll find this free recipe for making Graham cracker toffee brownie recipe on eBay – Wonderful! These are not only fun to make, but they’re also incredibly simple too.

Graham cracker toffee brownies

If you’re a fan of the chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination, then you’ll also love these loaded Reese’s brownies from eBay’s blog. You can be assured that no guest will turn down these beauties!

chocolate and peanut butter

These Mississippi mud brownies are filled with all of the most delicious ingredients, including chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter, pecans, and more! Fake Ginger has this in-depth recipe to share with you.

Mississippi mud brownies

Food Mouth has created some mouth-watering salted caramel blackberry brownies which are extremely unique! These are sure to turn heads at your next gathering.

salted caramel blackberry brownies

Everyone will love these Neapolitan cheesecake brownie bars from Frugal Coupon Living! Not only are they delightfully colorful, but they also taste heavenly too.

Neapolitan cheesecake brownie

If you’re a fan of ‘Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies then you’ll love this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring which imitates the popular snack!

Debbie Cosmic Brownies

If you prefer your brownies with a citrus tang, then these lemon brownies from Gonna Want Seconds are certainly the dessert for you! They’re still just as soft and gooey too.

lemon brownies

How good do these one bowl healthy pumpkin brownies look? Happy Healthy Motivated has this fantastic recipe to share with you today!

healthy pumpkin brownies

These cherry cheesecake brownies are the real deal! Homemade Hooplah is the genius behind this delicious and mouth-watering dessert.

cherry cheesecake brownies

Mmm…here’s some guilt-free mud pie brownies courtesy of the talented Hungry Girl. Your children will not only love helping you to cook these, but they’ll also enjoy eating them!

mud pie brownies

Here’s a treat which combines two much-loved desserts – gingerbread brownies! I Heart Eating has paired these two classic flavors together to create an unforgettable brownie.

gingerbread brownies

In Katrina’s Kitchen has whipped-up some mounds brownies to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters! With almost 50,000 re-pins on Pinterest, we think she’s onto a winner here.

mounds brownies

These M&M blonde brownies look irresistible – who could stop at just one? Be sure to check out the full recipe from Inside BruCrew Life!

M&M blonde brownies

It’s time to get in touch with your inner Girl Scout and make some Samoa coconut caramel brownies from Just a Taste! These will be gone in seconds if you bring them to a party.

Samoa coconut caramel brownies

Le Crème de la Crumb has created these chocolate mousse brownies – are your taste buds watering yet? We can’t wait to recreate these tremendous treats!

chocolate mousse brownies

Combine three much-loved sweet treats and you get these Nutella cheesecake brownie recipe from Let’s Dish Recipes – Yum! Be warned though, as you’ll find these hard to stop eating!

Nutella cheesecake brownies

The caramel and shortbread layers of this delicious brownie taste just like a Twix bar – hence the name Twix brownies! Life in the Lofthouse will show you how to recreate them.

Twix brownies

These candy-dipped brownies from Lolly Jane are a great way to use up any leftover candy, plus they look fabulous! Children and adults alike are going to love this dessert.

candy-dipped brownies

Add some extra crunch to your brownie recipe by creating this white chocolate cashew version from Love Foodies! They certainly look delicious.

white chocolate cashew

Here’s a winter warmer you won’t want to miss! These skillet brownies are from the talented My Baking Addiction – Don’t they look mouth-wateringly good?

skillet brownies

If Snickers are your favorite chocolate bars, then you’ll definitely be putting your hand up to make these Snickers brownies from My Litter. You just can’t beat the delicious ooze of caramel, can you?

Snickers brownies

These homemade mint brownie recipe from My Recipe Magic will blow your mind! They’re the perfect combination of refreshing peppermint and rich chocolate.

homemade mint brownies

For all cappuccino lovers out there, these brownie recipe from Recipe Girl are here to satisfy your caffeine cravings! They’re also the perfect after dinner treat.

cappuccino brownies

You won’t want to miss out on making these chocolate chip cookie dough brownies from Recipe Girl! Not only do they look divine, but they’re also soft and sweet.

chocolate chip cookie dough brownies

If you’re on a bit of a health kick, then you’ll be pleased to know that you too can still enjoy the goodness of brownies, thanks to these ‘healthy’ brownies from Running With Spoons. They’re made with coconut flour and mashed bananas – Yum!

coconut flour and mashed banana brownies

Peanut butter Krispies brownies topped with Rolos? Sounds like a dream to us! Shugary Sweets will show you how to make these awesome treats.

Peanut butter Krispies brownies

Prepare yourself for the deliciousness that is this brownie…Simply Stacie has created a caramel bacon brownie (yes, you heard correctly) which is going to change your life!

caramel bacon brownie

These Andes mint brownie recipe from Six Sisters stuff have received great reviews, so why not try creating them yourself to see just how tasty they truly are? They have a lovely crunch on top.

Andes mint brownies

Here are some more wonderful Samoa brownies, this time from Southern Plate! We love the rich chocolate sauce squiggled on the top.

Samoa brownies

Have you ever heard of flourless Mexican brownies before? Spoonful of Flavor has created this delicious recipe using cayenne pepper and cinnamon for that Mexican twist!

Mexican brownies

These billionaire bar brownie recipe from Sugar and Soul contain 5 mouth-watering layers of shortbread, brownie, caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter frosting! Who couldn’t love these?

billionaire bar brownies

Here’s some sugar-free pecan brownies for those watching their sugar intake! Sweet as Honey is the talented baker behind this healthier version of the favorite treat.

sugar-free pecan brownies

These healthier Greek yogurt chocolate brownies from The Big Man’s World are fudge, moist and full of chocolatey goodness, not to mention they’re also vegan, gluten-free and high in protein! Now you truly can have your cake (or brownie) and eat it too.

healthier Greek yogurt chocolate brownies

If layered strawberry mousse brownies don’t get your taste buds tingling, then we don’t know what will! The First Year Blog is the talented maker of this delectable dessert.

strawberry mousse brownies

These thin mint marshmallow brownies were originally made for St Patrick’s Day, but we think they’re the perfect treat to eat all-year-round! You’ll want to thank The Food Charlatan for this amazing recipe.

mint marshmallow brownies

Did you know that you can replace oil or butter with heart-healthy avocados for a delicious and nutritious dessert? The Healthy Maven has created her scrumptious brownies this way – Clever!

scrumptious brownies

These Dulce de Leche Brownies from The Merchant Baker certainly won’t disappoint! Can you already taste that rich, oozing caramel?

Dulce de Leche Brownies

You can find the recipe for creating these incredible red velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting via The Recipe Critic. This dessert is sure to attract plenty of admirable glances in its direction.

red velvet brownies

Here’s a very unique take on brownies from Tip Hero! These apple brownies contain lots of delicious ingredients, including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and granny smith apples (of course!).

apple brownies

Today’s Creative Life has managed to make brownies from cake mix – isn’t that a time-saver? Add in some peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a much-loved sweet treat.

brownies from cake mix

Wonky Wonderful is the talented baker behind these Irish cream chocolate brownies with Irish cream frosting. They’re an extra-indulgent dessert that you’ll want to make on a regular basis!

Irish cream chocolate brownies

These cheesecake swirl brownies contain all of the fudginess that your heart desires! Yammie’s Noshery has combined two of her favorite desserts for the ultimate, decadent treat.

cheesecake swirl brownies

There you have it – the ultimate list of brownie recipes to suit every sweet tooth or occasion! Which brownie recipes will you be trying? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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