can you reuse turkey fryer oil

When deep frying a turkey in a turkey fryer, you definitely need a lot of oil. And using so much oil for just a single fry can prove expensive. Surely the question arises among many as to whether  can you reuse turkey fryer oil or not.Let me clearify the topics.

Research states that in any normal circumstances, oil can be heated for up to six hours. A deep-fried turkey takes less than an hour of cooking. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to reuse the same batch of oil for around six times.

How long the turkey fryer oil is good?

How long the turkey fryer oil is good

How long the turkey fryer oil is good for also depends on the type of oil used, the temperature at which the oil is heated, and the storage. If you wish to increase the reusability of the oil, use oil that has a high characteristic smoke point because this then allows the oil to be heated to a higher temperature without breaking down. Once the oil breaks down, it goes foul, and it is unhealthy to consume such oil. Avoid heating the oil to a temperature beyond the smoke point.

Filtering and storing the oil after use is also an important factor in determining the reusability of the oil. The turkey tends to render fat as it gets deep fried. The fat combines with the oil and causes it to break down slightly earlier than before. Hence, it is necessary to skim off any fat from the oil in addition to any other matter floating around.

Once the oil cools, filter it through a funnel covered with cheesecloth into the container that originally contained the oil. After filtering the oil, seal the container tightly and ensure to store it in a cool, dark place.

So, Can you reuse turkey fryer oil?

The answer is yes but before reusing the oil, it is always best to check the quality of the oil as using rancid oil can have a negative impact on your health. If the oil appears separated or it smells bad, discard it immediately. Otherwise, you can reuse it but remember that the total cooking time of the same oil should not exceed six hours.

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