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Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer-What is Perfect?

Before starting to decorate your kitchen,i am pretty sure at least once you thought,what should i buy- air fryer or deep fryer?which will be worth of money or which first?As personally i also cook a lot, similar question also arise in my mind.And i decided to write a post on air fryer vs deep fryer […]

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how to clean deep fryer oil?

In my life, I have single-highhandedly been responsible for the mass deep-frying of thousands of pounds of potatoes. In fact, if you counted everything I ever fried, well, it’s a lot. When you cook as much as I do, the deep-fryer is an asset. The down-side of having an oil- gobbling delicious machine, however, is […]

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Best Home Deep Fryer -Honest Review & Buying Guide

Fried Chicken is an American tradition still, in this age of multi-ethnic fusion cosines as shown on TV Networks devoted to Food and Cooking. But the hassles of Deep Frying have long kept it along with other favorite dishes of many family menus. Many people avoid frying for want of best home deep fryer. That is […]

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what is the best oil for deep fryer?

Deep frying is a great way to cook tasty food, which is ready really quickly. It features many cuisines around the world. Choosing the right oil for deep frying means you can enjoy the time efficient culinary pleasures of deep frying and stay as healthy as possible.our effort is that to make you educate so […]

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How To Choice Best Outdoor Deep Fryer

Camping outdoors is always a fun experience for friends, family, and couples. The personal viewing of the breathtaking mountain background, the mountain scent. And the camaraderie that can be achieved from such experience is astounding. However, the usual dilemma that campers of all ages seem to have is the cooking part.That is why we are […]

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