Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Coconut Macaroons

When it comes to coconut, I know many people can be on the fence about it. It seems to me that people either absolutely love it or can’t stand the taste or smell. I guess I fit into the rare middle-ground of liking it, but not being overly obsessed with it. That is, until I made these adorable little cookies! If you’re looking for that perfect hint of sweetened coconut that’s dipped in a b-e-a-uuutiful coating of chocolate, this is the recipe for you! The coconut is not overwhelming in the slightest and lends just a small bit of flavor and great texture.

Being a food blogger, I’ve had my fair share of cookies. I have a ton of happy memories that revolve around making the cookie recipe that was found on the back of my Nestle chocolate chip bags with my mom and sister. This was the time before fancy stand mixers became popular, so we used our old hand one. It worked out perfectly since my sister and I always had one of the mixers to lick, and for a little girl, there’s nothing more exciting than some deliciously sugary dough to nibble on. We discovered that freezing cookies (especially chocolate chip ones) makes them wonderfully chewy and especially yummy to dip in milk! I wish I could say that meant that we always had some on hand in the fridge, but they never lasted more than a day or two since I would eat at least 5 a day. I wish my metabolism could still handle that- hah!

I guess you could say I’ve evolved a little from the plain back-of-the-bag cookie recipe kinda girl.I’m on to bigger and better things like my more schmancy dark chocolate strawberry shortbread cookies and my deep dish caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookies (and yes, they’re DIVINE) hat I have on my own blog.I feel like I’ve made them all! The one exception would be macaroons, which have been on my to-do list for quite some time now.

I’m extremely lucky in that I live ocean-side on the coast of California at my college and get to enjoy the salty breeze and ability to go down to the beach any time I want. With the weather getting warmer, I’ve been craving all things light and tropical-themed and these little coconut gems fit the bill perfectly. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also relatively easy and come out looking like they came straight from a fancy bakery! That generous dippage in the dark chocolate coupled with the hint of sea salt and coconut flavoring make for a treat that not a single soul can resist, as was evident as soon as I gave my housemates the go-ahead after photographing these babies. They were absolutely devoured and amidst the “oohs and aaahhs” I knew I had a fool-proof winner! I’ve come to accept the fact that living with 11 other hungry girls with raging sweet-tooths would not leave many leftovers, but I wasn’t expecting all of these cookies to be gone within the hour- especially since I had made a double batch!

When making these, it’s important to remember to use baking chocolate to dip the macaroons in instead of melting regular chocolate chips. Chocolate chips have additives in them that cause them to not solidify in the same way, so you don’t want to get the two mixed up! Just a little word of warning! If you absolutely can’t find baking chocolate (it should be in the baking aisle of your local grocery store), just add some chocolate chips into the cookie dough and you can get your chocolate fix in that way.

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