Double Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

While I usually try to stick to the 80:20 rule when it comes to eating healthy, there are definitely days where I consider a “balanced” diet one where I have a cookie in each hand. This holds especially true for cookies that involve tons of chocolate and chewy goodness! Hey! That kinda sounds just like these fabulous Double Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal cookies, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for the perfect easy cookie recipe, look no farther! I’ve got ya covered.

I know many people have some sort of personal vendetta against oatmeal cookies because they’re often compared to their sister cookie, chocolate chip. To me, that’s like comparing which one of your children you love more or the sunrise and sunset. Both are equally fantastic and beautiful in their own way. And typing that out, I realize that it hardly makes any sense at all, but it gives you a little glimpse into the way this foodie thinks so let’s just go with it. I also know that this personal vendetta arises from trust issues. I’ve had multiple people tell me that their insecurities with the cookie come from mistaking oatmeal raisin cookies for chocolate chip. They grab a seemingly chocolate-filled cookie, bring it to their mouth in excited anticipation, take a big bite, and…. something is wrong, very wrong. They gasp. Say it ain’t so! Those “chocolate chips” are actually raisins and they become permanently scarred for life. Is this a bit of an overreaction? Yes. But to take away any of the doubts you oatmeal raisin-haters might have, I’ve removed all traces of the dried fruit and replaced it with not only one type of chocolate, but TWO!

So let’s dive in a bit more on what makes these cookies so darn tasty. Let me give you a small hint: it involves two types of sugar, butter, tons of chocolate, and essentially all the good things in life. As mentioned before, these cookies have two types of sugar, both white and light brown. While many people only use white sugar in their cookies, I like to add in in some golden brown sugar for the extra flavor punch that the molasses in it brings. I also chose to add oats to this cookie recipe because, while I’m by no means against the standard chocolate chip, I really love the extra chewyness that the oats bring. I’m not saying these cookies are by any means healthy, but the oats do bring some cholesterol-fighting powers to the cookies and the fiber keeps you a bit fuller than most cookies would.

And now let’s chat about the most important aspect to this recipe: the chocolate. I went back and forth for about a minute on what I wanted to add to this oatmeal cookie recipe to make it special. I knew I didn’t want to put in raisins based on the aforementioned reasons, but wanted to keep in the walnuts to add texture. Then it hit me! Not only was I going to add in normal chocolate chips, I was going to roughly chop up some of the milk chocolate almond toffee candy bars I had on hand to make them doubly as filled with chocolate-y goodness. While I filled my cookies with that type of chocoalte, feel free to branch out and use any candy bar of your choice! I think Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cupcs, Milky Way, Crunch, etc would all work beautifully in this recipe and I love the fact that it can so easily be customized to each person’s individual candy taste.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your mixing bowl and let’s get baking!

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