6 Essential Kitchen Tools that You Need to Have

To be in good health, you need to eat well. Eating well entails cooking your food well, and cooking your food well entails having high-quality kitchen tools. All kitchen tools are essential, but some are certainly more indispensable than others. Six of the essential kitchen tools are the chef’s knife, the pressure cooker, the juicer, the kettle, the frying pan, the electric drill machine.

6 Essential Kitchen Tools

1. The Chef’s Knife

the chef's knife

There is hardly any meal that you can cook without having to cut or slice something. You need a good, sharp knife to be able to chop your meat and cut or chop your carrots or tomatoes evenly and smoothly.

​You also need to take good care of your knife for it to remain sharp and in good condition. For this, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Always make sure you wash the knife with water and soap after every usage
  • Make sure you dry the knife thoroughly after washing it. It is preferable to do this by use of a napkin than by hanging it.
  • Avoid putting the knife in the drawer without using some sheath or blade guard. This will help it to remain sharp for a longer time.
  • If your knife goes blunt, you can sharpen it by hand, using a whetstone or a file. Unless having a chance to sharpen it by hand, you can always take it to a professional knife sharpener.
  • If you are to chop meat, then choose a cutting board that will not wear your knife out too soon.

The frying pan has a flat bottom and steep sides, with an open top. Generally used for frying, searing and browning foods. Typically, foods like potatoes, plantains, and eggs fry perfectly in vegetable oil in a frying pan.

Before buying a frying pan, it is wise to justify the manufacturing material. Most frying pans manufacturing material is either of aluminum, cast iron, copper or stainless steel. Kettles made of stainless steel or aluminum are the easiest to care for. Those made of cast iron require the most care. Red Copper Pan manufactures superior quality frying pans & they have hundreds of happy customer reviews.

Apart from above, six must have kitchen tools, an air fryer is a smart selection for healthy & low-fat frying experience.


It is challenging to sort out only six must have kitchen tools. There are at-least more 15+ tools every kitchen must have. I have listed six here. You are most welcome to comment here and let me know your opinion.

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