How To Cook Frozen Hash Browns

Hash browns are great for breakfast. Even though they may be bought readymade, nothing beats the ones that are cooked at home. It is against this backdrop that it makes more than enough sense to know how to cook them at home.

We are here to help you to do just that. Have carried out some research in line with this. Thereafter identified the best ever procedures which may enable you to achieve this noble aim. i am glad to present you the findings of our research in the proceeding conversations.

Cook Frozen Hash Browns

frozen hash brown

Cooking frozen hash browns is no ordinary task. This is because it actually entails two main steps and procedures. For one, you have to prepare the potatoes first and foremost. It is then that you now have to embark on the core process of cooking the hash browns themselves.

Ingredients and Tools Required

Before getting started, you will have to acquire the various ingredients as well as the tools-of-trade for the job. The following are the key ingredients and tools you must acquire to be able to carry out the procedure:

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    Large bowl
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    Clean tea towel
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    Cookie sheets
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    Baking sheet
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    Cast iron skillet
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    Cooking stick

You now have to follow the steps stipulated below.

Preparing the Hash Browns

This is the first and perhaps the most crucial phase of the entire process. It entails preparing the potatoes for the eventual task of making the hash browns. It takes longer (around 3 months) and is also quite elaborate. Follow the steps below to make it a reality:

  • Step I: Kick off the preparation of the hash browns by shredding the potatoes into finer pieces. Use a sharp knife to do this job. Remember, the smaller the pieces are, the better they will be when cooked. You should, therefore, see to it that you cut the potatoes into their finest possible sizes.
  • Step II: Soak the potatoes in clean and cold water for some time. This is to remove excess starch from the potatoes and make it possible for you to expedite their preparations. This also enables the potatoes to avoid getting too brown and becoming too ugly to behold.
  • Step III: Now remove the potatoes from the water and place them onto a clean towel. Leave them on the towel for some time to let them shed off excess water. Remember, the potatoes have to be as dry as possible for the best results possible.
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    Step IV: You may wish to squeeze out excess water manually. Wet potatoes are more likely to stick together or crumble when prepared. You do not want such horrible outcomes at all. To get rid of excess water, simply press the potatoes hard and let the water squeeze out of them.
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    Step V: Next, the spread out the potatoes in a thin layer preferably on a baking sheet. Leave them untouched for some time to let them aerate and dry completely. This will make them last longer while refrigerated.
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    Step VI: Insert the baking sheet into the freezer for about one or two hours. This is to let them freeze completely. You should thereafter transfer the frozen potatoes to the freezer gallon bags. Store them in the deep freezer compartment for around 3 months undisturbed.

Cooking the hash browns

This second and last phase entails the actual preparation of the hash browns. It is at this stage that the potatoes are actually cooked. This procedure is the simpler of the two and is also less involving. You will, however, have to follow all the instructions to the latter for awesome outcomes.

  • Now remove the hash browns from the freezer and drying them. It may not always be possible to handle extremely cold hash browns. This is because they have the effects of dampening the nerves and rendering your hands to the feelings of discomforts. If there is an abundance of sunshine out in the open, take them there and leave them to melt and heat up. This will speed up the process of drying and also leave behind awesome outcomes indeed.
  • Heat some butter in a large cast iron skillet. Set the temperature of the cooking to medium. Leave the butter to melt completely and become as hot as can be. This is to avoid the likelihood of the butter being raw and giving rise to half-cooked food. Raw butter may also predispose some people to the feelings of nausea.
  • Step III: Now remove the potatoes from the water and place them onto a clean towel. Leave them on the towel for some time to let them shed off excess water. Remember, the potatoes have to be as dry as possible for the best results possible.
  • Introduce the frozen hash browns one at a time and in a thin layer. Spread them out using a cooking stick and avoid piling them on top of one another. This is to enable each particle to be uniformly impacted by the butter. It is only in this manner that you shall obtain crispy outcomes.
  • Allow the mixture to cook until it becomes dark brown and crispy at the bottom. For the best results, flip the potatoes and cook until all the various sides are crispy and cooked thoroughly. Give the potatoes some time to cook thoroughly before turning again and again.
  • PS: It is also possible to mix the hash brown with other ingredients like rice and spaghetti. This, however, takes longer and calls for the possession of extra skill. You should only attempt the procedure if you are well aware of what you are doing.


As you may have noted, cooking the frozen hash browns is no simple task. It is long, elaborate, time-consuming and involving indeed. You, therefore, have to exercise some degree of patience while doing it. You are also advised to start early to avoid any unnecessary delays along the way.

Many people badly need this information. You may help them in accessing the information. Kindly do this by sharing the article as far wide as possible. And given the nutritious and awesome nature of the hash brown, you cannot afford to drag your feet at all. You, by all means, have to prepare them as soon as possible. Best of luck in your next preparation venture!

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