Are you a food blogger and interested in sharing some of your recipes with our community? We welcome talented food writers.

We currently have a waiting list for future contributors. If you are interested please contact us with your website or posts that you have written.

Review our contributor guidelines below:

This is a blog we do like to read a little which means there needs to be a healthy amount of text not just one paragraph. A good length will be at least 600 words. In your writing be you! Keep your personality and writing style. In your writing tell a story or a little history about why you decided to make the recipe. The content must be unique and not already posted on another website.

We are picky when it comes to images. Images can make or break your blog post. There needs to be at least 4 images per post. Vary the images, so they aren’t all different angles of the same finished dish. Having 7 images at different angles of the finished dish burdens the post and doesn’t complement it. This does not have to be a detailed step-by-step guide to cooking, but a little variance goes a long way. Break up back to back images with text, and talk through the process. It doesn’t have to be much it can be a sentence or two. There needs to be at least one vertical and one horizontal image per post. Images should not have any words on them.

Image Sizes Horizontal images should be approximately 650 px in width and 433 px in height

Vertical images should be approximately 650 px in height and 433 px in width

Be proud of your recipe & stick around
You put it together so, you should be proud of your creation! Share your recipes through all of your social channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, ect. There will be people who will comment on the recipe. Make sure you stay around long enough and reply to them.