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  • Best Masticating Juicers (Slow, Cold Press) Review 2020

    Have you been seeking the best masticating juicers for your frozen desserts and drinks? We are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right place. Read on to find out why. What Is Masticating Juicer? A masticating juicer is a kitchen appliance that is used to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, and…

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  • Modern Kitchen |6 Essential & Distinguishable Elements

    As far as kitchen styles are concerned, modern kitchens are one of the most popular choices. They are designed to offer a perfect equilibrium between function and form. With their clean lines and sleek aesthetics, modern kitchens are simple enough to integrate into every interior décor seamlessly. Here are some elements that distinguish a modern…

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  • Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs

    So there I was, with like 50 pounds of Mashed Potatoes leftover from one family dinner (typical me).  Well, maybe it wasn’t quite 50 pounds, but pretty darn close, or at least it seemed like it…lol!  And even though I was drowning in Mashed Potatoes, I just couldn’t throw them away. I needed to find…

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  • Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe -Best Home Made Recipe Ever

    I know that a lot of people love chicken wings in a variety of ways. And that chicken wings are a real traditional fan fare of a snack when people are up to watching football games and other sports. They are also great for a family meal, a snack when you have someone drop by…

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  • Hot Air Fryer Recipes For Home- The Editor's Choice

    I have discovered that Air Fryers cook food beautifully, retain the food’s flavor and give me the ability to fry, roast, bake or grill. Not only that, but the food is always healthier, tastier and healthier.What a great combination! In this post, i will share few hot air fryer recipes which i cooked personally &…

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  • Power Air Fryer Review – Features With Air Fryer Recipes

    To all moms out there: when it comes to cooking dinner when the kids come home from school or from hanging out with their friends, it can be incredibly difficult trying to maintain all of the heaters that heat up the food for dinner time. Mothers with a large family need a complacent cooking device…

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  • Nuwave Air Fryer Review – Key Features & FAQ's By Smartkitcheidea

    Are you a lover of fried stuff, yet cautious enough not to predispose your body to the dangers of obesity and heart attacks? If yes, then you need an appliance that is able to ‘deep fry’, bake, roast, and grill food but with less oil. This is where the NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer which…

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  • Gooey Lemon Raspberry Brownies

    On any normal day, you could ask me what type of dessert I’m in the mood for and my response would immediately be chocolate. I mean, what kind of insane person would choose something other than a warm chocolate croissant or a molten lava cake? That sounds like complete madness to me. I might be…

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  • 25 Best Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipes

    Swap the store bought cranberry sauce for one of these EASY homemade cranberry sauce recipes packed full of with flavor. From classic recipes to traditional twists, there’s something for everyone in this lineup of 25 Must Try Cranberry Sauce Recipes! 1. Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce This cranberry is sure to spice up any dish or holiday! Recipe – Holiday Spiced…

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