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Power Air Fryer Review – Features With Air Fryer Recipes

To all moms out there: when it comes to cooking dinner when the kids come home from school or from hanging out with their friends, it can be incredibly difficult trying to maintain all of the heaters that heat up the food for dinner time. Mothers with a large family need a complacent cooking device that is small and compact and fits virtually anywhere in your kitchen. 

We need a stable machine that not only cooks but can also fry foods that we need throughout the week. And it is easy to clean and something that will not break the bank. Luckily, I found the entire perfect cooking device that satisfies all of the problems listed above. It is called the Power air fryer Rapid Air Technology. In this Power air fryer review, we will discuss the features it obtains, as well as benefits and some cons of the product.

​This Power air fryer review would be ideal for mom’s or at home parents who like a little ease in their lives.The conventional stove can become full with all four burners. The oven would usually only have three racks, and microwaves only heat food half way half of the time. And microwave ovens? They only can fit things of a certain size.An air fryer could be a clever solution for convenient cooking.

History Of The Brand​

The Power air fryer rapid air technology was originated in West Chester, Pennsylvania by renowned and culinary favored chef Eric Theiss who was born in northern New Jersey and started his culinary skills at age six. After opening his own restaurant and bar in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he thought up the Power air fryer.

According to the company who manufactures the product, Power air fryer’s rapid air technology uses swift and fast heating technology to fry your friable foods quicker and healthier with almost no oil. This equals guilt free food while also being on the road to a healthier you. Also, there are six different switches for cooking in a speedy manner all in one machine, this includes roasting, air frying, baking, steaming, grilling, as well as sautéing. The Power air fryer rapid air technology essentially replaces the use of an oven!

Benefit Of Using Air Fryer

There are a plethora of benefits to using the Power Air Fryer XL’s rapid air technology. In short, it is a healthy tool, it is easy and efficient, it is neat and clean, it is easy to use, and also it is absolutely safe. As opposed to a deep fryer, air fryers use little to no oil, guaranteeing a healthier meal and healthier foods that you will prepare with this innovative technology.

Besides, its efficiency is a huge benefit to mothers who are jumbled left and right with tasks and cooking is not on their top priority list. Unlike ovens that take several minutes to preheat, your new and improved air fryer heats up within virtually half the time.

Power AirFryer Review 2019


The Power air fryer rapid air technology physically constructed with its customers in mind. It has a digitally feasible one touch panel and settings to conduct cooking and frying a smooth sailing task. It also comes with a built-in Smart Sensor, a patented vented air chamber, and more. The Smart Sensor lets its users know when their food is fully cooked. It rightfully includes a fryer basket for things to fry in such as fried chicken, chicken fingers, blooming onion, and fries. The screen above the fryer basket is a touch screen innovative technology that allows for its users to change its settings and start up cook time all while being digitally in tune.


Rapid Air Technology ™ is one of the key factors in the Power air fryer. The Power Air Fryer engulfs your food in a delicious and safe and healthy eating Turbo Cyclonic Air as opposed to frying oil. Meals are prepared in a circulation of super heated air, never with oil or lard. What this essentially is that fast foods that are favored and purchased can be made with a lot fewer calories from excess cooking oil and fat without giving up the delicious taste. Also, as previously mentioned, it includes a satisfying touch screen technology and a total of seven preset features for foods like French fries, chicken, steak, roasts, shrimp, and foods that could be baked.


Much like previously stated, the Power air fryer’s service is possible with the rapid air technology that circulates in the Power air fryer. With the Power air fryer, you still get that crispy and crunchy taste, just minus the trans fat! This is all plausible using little to no oil, no fats, and absolutely no greasy messes! It even includes certain buttons for certain foods, almost like a microwave or microwave oven. If you want to fry your favorite French fries or waffle fries, there is a button you can press. And then Power air fryer rapid air technology will do the rest at your convenience!

The Power air fryer has an innovative circle panel that has multiple exciting features including digital timer with automatic shut off, seven pre-set functions, and one touch easy digital controls. There is also 1500 or 1700 watts turbo cyclonic power, a cool to the touch easy grip handle, 3.4 or 5.3-quart easy load basket fully equipped with non-stick coating, and finally super heated air that heats up to 400 degrees.


Another amazing feat that the Power air fryer possesses is its use of little to no frying oil to fry up foods. For example chicken, chicken tenders, French fries, fried shrimp, corn dogs, funnel cake, beignets, churros, zeppole, fried fritters, and an endless possibility of so much more. Simply put, air frying creates less fat in your food to give you a superb meal with absolutely no guilt — and best of all, you will not have to surrender the taste of healthy meals just because you air frying. Air frying gives you the freedom to chow down on your favorite classic deep fried home cooked summer meals.


The Power air fryer rapid air technology can heat up to about roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning that a vast majority of foods can be cooked with this finely crafted machinery at virtually any high temperature. Additionally, since it is a closed cooking system, it gives off very very little heat. Which means a kitchen that is never over heated. Furthermore, it is also clean up friendly. Both the fry basket and the quart gallon are dishwasher friendly, allowing for a quick and easy cooking process for us busy moms.

  • Heats up faster than your typical microwave, microwave oven, and oven. Even at a 400-degree temperature, it manages to heat up extremely quick without heating up your entire kitchen and gassing out you and your potential guests. Its innovative rapid air technology permits a convenient wait time for you to cook at an alarmingly fast rate.
  • Easy and simple to use. Right there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t, just like any kitchen appliance would and should be.
  • An incredibly simple and easy clean up with a dishwasher safe fryer basket and quart gallon.
  • It cannot fit a large meal that may need at special events and holidays, such a whole turkey or ham.
  • The temperature sadly does not override a limit of 400 degrees, not allowing for recipes that call for those higher temperatures. Which means you would have to wait longer for meals that require those high temps.
  • There are not enough manufactured to keep in my possession! I want fifty of these! (You should too).
  • When you buy the Power air fryer, it includes a complimentary recipe book that gives you tons and tons of recipes. That suggest what you can cook for your family or at a barbecue or even at a large family gathering.
  • The Power air fryer also includes a divider to allow you to cook multiple things at once ultimately. Not to mention it also comes with a fryer basket and a built whopping seven preset features that you will surely enjoy.

Now, there are a plethora of Power air fryer recipes that they and their website recommend.I also prepare 2 recipes here for your ready reference.

Chicken Steak Recipe

One of which is an easy steak recipe, rib eye steak to be more specific. It serves roughly four people and is in the beef family. The ingredients consist of:

  • 2 pounds of rib eye steak
  • 1 tablespoon of steak rub
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

To cook the tube eye steak, you first need to:

  • Preheat the Power air fryer. To do so, press the M button, and then scroll down to the French fries option.
  • Press the power button and accordingly adjust the cooking time to about four minutes at 400 degrees to preheat.
  • Then what to do is you incorporate the rib eye steak and the steak rub and the olive oil by seasoning the rib eye steak in the steak rub and the olive oil.
  • Then, you are to place the steak into the fry basket, then accordingly place into the Power air fryer.
  • After that, go to the digital screen and press the M button, presumably meaning Menu, then scroll until you find the steak icon option.
  • From there on, it is then appropriate to press the Power button and change the cooking time again.
  • Now it is ready to cook! Cook the rib eye steak at 400 degrees for 14 minutes.
  • After about 7 minutes pass, you would need to flip the steak to obtain an even cooking time.
  • After the complete 14 is up, the steak is then donezo. You can then take the robe eye steak out of your Power air fryer and allow for it to cool for about roughly 10 minutes. After that, it is ready to slice and serve!


Another creative Power air fryer recipes is a plate of delicious and mild hot wings. This serving serves up to two people, so it could be for a night in with your significant other or even for the kids to enjoy. To make this riveting meal, you first need the star of the show —

  • 12 raw drumettes of chicken wings.
  • After getting a hold of that, you then need to measure up to one cup of buffalo sauce.
  • Once obtaining those credentials, you are then to place each hot wing into the fry basket. Once you have done that, you can then put the fry basket into the Power air fryer.
  • Then you can press the menu button and scroll all the way to the French fries icon option.
  • At this point, you may now set the cooking temperature at 400 degrees. And adjust the cooking time for 25 minutes.
  • After about 12 minutes, you should then flip your wings onto the other side.
  • When the timer goes off, accordingly remove the wings and then drench them in the buffalo sauce.
  • After that moment, they are then to go back into the Power air fryer at a temperature of 400 degrees under the French fries icon for a total of 8 minutes.
  • Flip again after about 4 minutes, then they are ready to serve!

-Of course! It acts as a defroster while cooking your meal.

– It is located at the back of the product.

– Nope. It never requires, but optional to add more flavor

​My conclusion with this product is it seems quite promising. I’d personally love to order 50 of these, as a homebody and a person who loves to cook and bake. So what are you waiting for? It’s been waiting for you.