Best Masticating Juicers (Slow, Cold Press) Review 2020

Have you been seeking the best masticating juicers for your frozen desserts and drinks? We are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right place. Read on to find out why.

What Is Masticating Juicer?

A masticating juicer is a kitchen appliance that is used to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, and other succulents. It crushes these ingredients at a pace that is slower and more comfortable than that of the ordinary juicers. The appliance is also called the auger juicer, gears, and the slow juicer, respectively.

How Does A Slow Juicer Work?

The food processor possesses a feed chute, a motor, and a set of controls. You stash the ingredient in the appliance via the feeding chute and close the lid. Though not mandatory, you may have to chop the ingredients into smaller bits and pieces for the sake of expedited extraction and operations.

After stashing the ingredients in the appliance, you switch on the item typically after attaching the same to the main’s electricity outlet. Then, you give it the time to do the crushing. It crushes the ingredients by the use of an auger that spins and chops the ingredients in their finest particles.

A fighter lasts eliminates the pulp from the juice to result in a smoother texture. Lastly, the mesh or the filter sieves out any residential pulp or non-liquid component of the juice yet again to give rise to a smoother than average texture of the juice. It empties the contents via the selfsame feeding tube.

Masticating Juicer Benefits

Below are some hot benefits of the masticating juicer:

Preserves the Nutrients

This appliance preserves the nutrients of the ingredients that are worked on. That is due to its slowness and the fact it seals the contents firmly by use of the lid. It is hence a great item to pick for your health and digestive system.

Gives forth smoother Texture

Due to its slowness of operations, the juicer gives forth smoother texture outcomes than the normal appliances. It crushes through the ingredients finely to enable the attainment of this awesome end. You won’t have to spit the pulp as you sip your vegetable juice.

Extremely Quiet

Yet again owing to its slower operations, the juicer is extremely quiet. Hardly does it interfere with the welfare of the people who are around you at that time. You have it for the taking if you want to use it in a library setting or other areas that are sensitive to noise.

Generates Greater Taste

Also coming along is the benefit of greater taste. The main reason behind this greatness is the fact that the juicer preserves the main ingredient component of the items it works on. That it uses no chemicals also goes a long way in enhancing your overall experience.


Using a masticating juicer, it is possible for you to handle and tackle many of the fruits and vegetables that be at the moment. It also negates the need for you to shuffle back and forth many gadgets at a time. That of course saves your time and effort.

Types Of Masticating Juicers

There are many kinds of masticating juicers. Below are the leading types:

Single Auger

This one contains only one auger that performs the actual task of boring and slicing through the ingredients. It is by far the simplest and cheapest appliance to make use of in that it comes at a low price point. Find it applicable for your common every day juicing and allied applications.

Twin Auger

As its designation implies, this one possesses two augers at a time. It is hence faster and time-saving than its single auger version. Nonetheless, it is slightly complicated and is also more expensive to come by, other factors held constant.


It is a masticating juicer that is mounted horizontally on the countertop. Thanks to this horizontal orientation, the item is more stable and less likely to tip off when in the course of use. That grants you the peace of mind you need to work well.


This one mounts vertically on the countertop and in the kitchen cabinet. It saves greatly on space, no doubt, but is less stable and highly prone to fidgeting. You are hence asked to exercise great caution when engaging it to avoid the accidents that ordinarily come along.

Best Masticating Juicer Reviews 2020

#1 Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

As you may see from its designation, the juicer serves as a nutrition center as well. Thus, it goes beyond merely extracting the juice from the succulents but also works to preserve the ingredients considerably.

Ultra-low Speed

Its motor rotates at extremely low speeds of about 80 revolutions per minute. In the course of doing this, it eliminates the buildup of heat and oxidation. That works to preserve the critical enzymes for you.

Dual-stage Masticating Extraction

It operates via the dual-stage masticating functionality. This approach sees to it that ‘no stone is left unturned.’ The end results are truly awesome and devoid of too much fluff. Moreover, it also makes the butternuts.

Adjustable End Cap

An adjustable end cap sums up the total benefits and awesome points that this machine has to bring along. The adjustment exercise is carried out by five main settings and do the task of extraction keenly.

Other than merely extracting the juice from you, this best slow masticating juicer goes beyond that to even lock the ingredients firmly in place. This is something that it does thanks to the cold press feature that exists therein.


With this device, it is possible for you to undertake numerous applications. These include but are certainly not exclusive to the handling of the fruits, vegetables, and succulents.

Quiet and Convenient

On the whole, it is quieter and more convenient to handle than the many alternatives that be at the moment. As a matter of fact, it exudes a paltry 60 decibels of the noise output for you.

Higher Nutritional Value

Compared to the many alternatives that exist, this machine preserves a higher level of nutrition. That makes it particularly awesome and reliable for your overall health and vitality in times of engagement.

#3 Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar, Vertical Slow Juicer, and Mincer

Do you engage in much food processing and handling activities? This could as well be the appliance you have been seeking. It blends both the juicer and the mincer in one comprehensive packaging.

Electric Juicer and Mincer

As noted above, this appliance serves as a juicer and mincer at the same time. Thus, it cuts down your operational efforts and other inputs considerably. This is over and above managing many ends for you.

Duo-blade Ultem Auger

At its core is the duo-blade Ultem auger that works to pierce through the recipes with utmost perfection. The duo trait gives rise to twice the prevailing level of cutting actions to deliver faster speeds.

Mincing Attachment

A mincing attachment also comes along. As you may have already guessed, the attachment is the one that you used to mince your meat. It works to chop off the ingredients pretty fine for your better consumption and ends.

#4 Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

Have some commercial goals to achieve? We can never ask you to select any other juicer than this one. It has the ability to churn out a continuous flow of fresh vegetables, baby foods, and fruits for your commercial ends and engagements.

Dual-edge Auger

Its motor attaches to a dual-edged auger that works to pierce the fruits and shred them to size. Thanks to the dual nature of the auger, the item works better and takes half the time to conclude its job.

No-drip Juice Tap

A no-drip juice tap exists to play the role of emptying the tank of its contents. Given its no-drip nature, this tap spares you from the likelihood of spilling off some contents on the floor and the dirt that comes by.

Vertical Design

The design of the juicer is vertical and hence takes up pretty limited space. You do not have to set aside excessively large storage and mounting spaces to have this item serving you well hence.

#5 Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black

Wishing merely to acquire a juicer for your own personal use and engagement? We have a great companion here for you to set your eyes on. Adding to this simplicity is the breathtaking exterior due to the matte black color.

Streamlined Design

Overall, the design of the juicer is truly streamlined in the sense that it is slimmer than your average juicer. The slim nature of the item makes it able to fit the squeezed spaces smoothly and with absolute ease.

Slow Squeeze Technology

A patented slow squeeze technology comes in next among its vital features. The technology is the one that crushes the ingredients at a pace that is truly comfortable for you. Hardly does it lose any nutrients in the process.

Exceptional Controls

Many exceptional controls adorn the entire part and aspect of the machine. You use them to regulate the pace and the level of the finesse of the eventual outcomes. Need we say that they are easier to engage?

#6 Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S

Of all the juicers we have around, it is this one that preserves the highest levels of Vitamins and other nutrients. That is due to its ultra-efficient operational form and stature compared to other items.

Whole Slow Juicer

For all practical purposes, this is a whole slow juicer in the sense that it takes the longest duration of time to yield forth the necessary outcomes. Its speed as a matter of fact is a paltry 60 revolutions per minute.

3-inch Wide Feed Chute

Its feed chute stands at the whopping 3 inches (ca. 8 cm) wide. This gives you the leeway to stash larger ingredients without necessarily chopping them to their finest pieces. Thus, it cuts greatly on the time spent.

240W Motor

Existing to generate the operational strength and torque is the motor that bears the 240W. The motor is truly powerful and crushes the ingredients to their finest pieces without leaving any larger pulps behind.

It is not uncommon for these juicers to have the ingredients to stick on them in the course of the food preparation. If and when that happens, the gadgets become too difficult to clean. We are pleased to introduce the non-stick version for you.

7-segment Spiral Opening

A 7-segment spiral opening ranks first among the many awesome benefits that this appliance has to offer. The opening is the one that works to maximize the juice yields for you typically by minimizing oxidation.

90% More Nutrition Growth

On the whole, this juicer manages to give off 90% extra nutrition growth. That is mainly vouched for by its 80 revolutions per minute masticating and grinding power. The end result is minimal loss of the inherent nutrients.

Juice and Pulp Separation Functionality

Unlike many other like-minded gadgets, this one contains the juice and the pulp separation functionality. Its role is to separate the two ingredients and to give rise to purer outcomes on the whole.

Tackling different ingredients demands different speeds and operational approaches. Unfortunately, your ordinary juicer does not understand this fact. Thankfully, we have one here that avails many operational speed options for you.

Upgraded Two-speed Program

A set of upgraded two-speed programs rank tops of all that it has to provide. You use these for the customization of the pace at which the item plays the role of crushing the ingredients and generating the desired end results.

Safety Feeder Chute Design

Its feeding chute is safer and wider for you. That way, it lets you put in the ingredients in ways and means that are convenient and less prone to abuse. Need we add that it spares you from all the mess that may arise?

Intelligent Protection Chips

In the last spot is a set of intelligent protection chips. These serve to guard the motor against chipping while at the same time enabling it to generate a consistent flow of torque for you.

#9 Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite, Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer

Could it be that you have less time at your disposal? Get your hands on this best cold press masticating juicer and have your way smoothly. It possesses two augers that work interdependently to cut the operating time considerably.

Bio-ceramic Magnetic Twin Gears

By far the most outstanding aspect of this juicer is the bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears. They are the ones that cut the operating and crushing times for you. You won’t have to wait for too long to have your way hence.

110 Revolutions per Minute

The motor generates torque at the rate of 110 revolutions per minute. This is moderately slow enough to crush the toughest ingredients in ways that the ordinary juicer is incapable of managing let alone getting close to.

Exceptionally Strong Makeup

For all practical purposes, this item is strong thanks to the extensive use of the stain-resistant Nylon and the stainless steel materials to adorn its make. Find it similarly strong and well-equipped for your engagements.

#10 Champion Classic 2000 Single Auger, Masticating Commercial Juicer — G5-PG710 — Black

Do you own a restaurant or other commercial settings? If you do, we can never ask you to use any other juicer than this one. It is appropriately equipped for all matters of commerce and restaurant engagements.

Heavy-duty Durable Parts

All its parts are stronger mainly due to the extensive use of the heavy-duty materials and structural components. With this toughness, the item is capable of enduring extensive strains and other harsh impacts.

Stainless Steel Shaft

A shaft that bears the stainless steel makeup adorns the entire length and breadth of the item. It stands taller to the heavier usage and ultimate engagements. Then again it expedites the processing of the ingredients.

The Latest Design

It also features the latest design and overall makeup for your own added peace of mind when engaging the same. Thanks to this latest design, this item also adds some decorations and aesthetics to the interiors where you place it.

#11 Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer, Silver

Have a smaller amount of space at your disposal? You want to make do with this small and compact centrifugal juicer. Though small and compact it works wonders typically churning out the juices in ways that are reliable.

1.6-quart Pulp Container

Its flagship part and component is the pulp container whose capacity stands at the impressive 1.6 quarts (1.51 l). Thanks to the sheer large size of the pulp container, you are certain to accommodate and process huge quantities of recipes.

Centered Knife Blade Assembly

A centered knife blade assembly ranks next after the container. Its centrality enables it to work and impact your ingredients in ways that are truly efficient and unlikely to cause any undue inconveniences.

Safety Locking Arm

For your own safety, the juicer has a safety locking arm that serves to bar the operations of the juicer whenever the cover is on or opened. Hardly hence will you harm or disparage your fingers and other vital body parts.

The Mueller Austria brand is largely renowned for its strength and utmost vitality insofar as the management of the juice extraction is concerned. Is it not amazing to tap into these benefits by choosing to work with this item?

Large Feed Chute

A large feed chute ranks first among its many offerings. It is the chute that accepts the ingredients and makes the same available for the subsequent actions of crushing. Being large, it minimizes any impediments to your use.

Patented Spinning Mechanism

As part and parcel of its core of operations, the item makes great use of the patented spinning mechanism. This one manages the impressive 60 revolutions per minute and leaves behind truly great end results.

Anti-drip Design

When all factors are taken into consideration, the item is available in an anti-drip design. Hardly does it spill off the contents as many of its peers occasionally do. Thus, it spares you from the cumbersome cleaning actions.

Different Types Of Juicers

We now take a look at the different types of juicers we have around at the moment: 

Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer is a slow and elaborate machine that crushes the ingredients slowly, steadily, and finely. Its end results are smoother, more uniform, and devoid of any undesirable levels of debris. It also filters out the pulp to leave behind great tasting juice outcomes.

Cold Press

This is a juicer that is largely simple and applicable in the comfort of the home. Other than merely crushing the ingredients to their finest particles, the cold press also cools down the ingredients altogether. In the process of doing this, it locks in more dissolved nutrients.


A centrifugal juicer operates principally by dedicating a flat cutting blade to spin rapidly and chop the ingredients off. While at this, the item also sets the pulp from the juice to give rise to clearer and smoother outcomes. Additionally, it forces the outcomes via a tiny hole.

Slow Masticating Juicer

Like its designation implies, this is an appliance that is slower than your ordinary masticating juicers. The slowness brings along numerous advantages like cooler operations and super quieter environments for you. Hence, it works so well with the many kinds of vegetables.

Triturating juicers 

Unlike your ordinary masticating juicers, the triturating juicers make use of a mix of the state-of-the-art technology and some twin augers to extract the juice. It is subsequently more effective and reliable than your ordinary item.

What Makes The Best Masticating Juicers?

The best masticating juicer is defined by the following parameters:

Juice Yield

This is the volume of the juice that the item may extract from the ingredients. A great juicer needless to say has to be able to extract a huge volume of the juices. For this to happen, it has to possess similarly sharper augers and other operational parts. Choose the Aicok brand as it claims to be able to extract 90% more juice yields.

Motor Power

It is the amount of torque that the motor can exude at any given time. Your ideal machine has to be able to deliver a larger amount of torque. The metric is largely defined by the number of revolutions that the motor manages per unit time.

Juicer Speed

How fast does the juicer tackle the task of extracting the juices from the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and succulents? You want one whose speed is comfortable enough to cut the time of operations for you. If possible, this speed ought to be regulated or varied.


The sheer size of the juicer also counts. A good juicer has to be large enough to handle the number and the sum total of the ingredients you have in mind. At the same time, it should also be small enough to fit the limited storage and mounting space you have at your disposal.

Chute Opening Width

The width of the opening of the chute also matters considerably. A great machine has to possess a truly wide opening to allow you to stash the ingredients without too much strain or impediment. Take care that the dimensions are not larger than your space disposal.

Ease of Cleaning

Obviously, after making use of these juicers, you will have to keep them clean. As a wise user, you want one that is easier to clean. That can only happen if you settle for that which has some non-stick interiors and are dishwasher safe.

Noise Depth

In the course of making use of these items, it is not uncommon for them to generate some noise outputs. You want to be mindful of this as well. Select a machine whose noise rating is low enough for the comfort of those around you.


In closing, a great machine is also defined by the warranty that backs it up. You want to check the warranty of the machine and the extent to which it is applicable. See to it that you read the fine print for the avoidance of any doubts that be.

5 Common Problems Of Masticating Juicers With Possible Fixes

Below are five of the most common problems of the masticating juicers and how to solve them:


Many times, the items overheat when they are used consistently for a longer duration of time. This may often be caused by a power supply unit that is faulty. If and when this arises, you have to check the motor and the power supply units to see to it that they are in good shape.

Excessive Noise

These items do generate some noise output in the course of their engagements. However, the noise output ought not to exceed a preset threshold. In the event that this happens, you have to check the electronics to see to it that the same are properly functioning.

Inconsistent Texture

A good machine has to produce juice whose texture bears a smoother level of consistency. Sometimes, the texture of the juice produced may not have the uniformity that it is supposed to have. That may infer a malfunction on the part of the augers. You may have to tighten or replace the same.

Clogged Blades and Augers

If in the course of shredding the ingredients you experience some clogging, you may want to check the blades and the augers. Particularly, see to it that there is no residual debris in between the blades and that the same are tightly anchored on the appliance altogether.

Longer Operating Times

A properly functioning juicer has to conclude the extraction exercise within a realistic duration of time. If it takes longer than average to do the job that may infer yet again some malfunction on the part of the machine in question. You may have to carry out a general checkup of the machine to ascertain the error and remedy it.

Maintenance Tips

For these items to operate optimally, they have to be cared for and maintained properly. The steps below will help you to achieve this end:

Regular Washing

You are advised to wash these items on a regular basis and preferably after use. That is eliminated the pulp residues that are likely to rot and clog the systems. Use plenty of water to flush out the residues from the crevices and to keep the item spotless.

Constant Inspections and Repairs

Never wait for the issues to arise first and foremost before handling them as need be. Instead, you should anticipate them beforehand. This is something you can only do if you inspect the items constantly. As you do so, take note of any emergent issues that may need attention.

Periodic Upgrades

Other than regular inspections, you should also find the new parts and components that various manufacturers have to offer. Then proceed to attach them to your juicer for the sake of extending its functionality and making it stay current or ahead of the game.  

Lubrication of the moving parts

This appliance no doubt relies heavily on the moving parts. These parts subsequently require constant lubrication to help them stay in the best shapes and forms. Thus, you should put in place a reliable lubrication regime that is meant to maintain the same in the best shades and forms.

Attachment of Extras and Accessories

To gain the most from these items, you will also have to attach some extras and accessories. These are items that are unrelated to the task of extraction of juice but nonetheless blend well with your juicer. They serve to extend the range of the applications of the items.


Let’s take a look now at the most commonly asked questions surrounding this topic:

How quickly does a masticating juicer extract juice?

A. Most of them takes 2 hours give or take to conclude the juice extraction exercise. Then again, these appliances give you the leeway to set your preferred operation and juice extraction times.

Does a masticating juicer yield more juice than a centrifugal juicer?

A. YES! A masticating juicer takes longer to crush the ingredients. In doing that, it extracts more juice than the centrifugal one that tends to take a shorter duration of time to yield forth the necessary output.

Why are masticating juicers more expensive?

A. They are stronger, more spacious, and packed with loads of unique features. Also, their construction is stronger and heavy-duty. That makes them resist all forms of tears with a greater degree of efficacy.

Can you juice wheatgrass in a masticating juicer?

A. WHY NOT? A masticating juicer is powerful enough to handle the stronger fibers like that of the wheatgrass. Other than that, it also sees to it that you derive the maximum amount of nutrients.

What is the Best Masticating Juicer on the Market?

A. The Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center, it is! It doubles up as a juicer and a nutrition center in one comprehensive packaging. You want to give it a higher priority when searching for the most suitable item for your use.


We can never reiterate the need to exercise great caution in your search for the right machine. That is because these machines are ordinarily quite expensive. You cannot afford to waste your money on any at random as you may never really accrue the value you desperately want to. A thorough reading of our explanations above will provide the much-needed insight and support.

Have you been seeking the best masticating juicers for your frozen desserts and drinks? We are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right place.

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