Modern Kitchen |6 Essential & Distinguishable Elements

As far as kitchen styles are concerned, modern kitchens are one of the most popular choices. They are designed to offer a perfect equilibrium between function and form. With their clean lines and sleek aesthetics, modern kitchens are simple enough to integrate into every interior décor seamlessly. Here are some elements that distinguish a modern kitchen from others.

Simple Cabinets

Modern kitchens are characterised by simple cabinets that enhance the sleek and clean lines in the space. Instead of ornate cabinetry with detailed features, go for uncluttered designs with minimalist hardware and stainless steel, chrome, or black surface finish. Handle-less cabinets are also a great way to take your kitchen cabinets’ modern look to the next level.

No Ornamentation

Instead of patterned tiles to create colour, patina, and texture in your kitchen, go for sleek hardware and flat-panel doors to make your kitchen devoid of any ornamentation. Simple countertops with full-height splashbacks made of glass without any veining or pattern can distinguish modern kitchens from other kitchen styles.

Sleek and Modern Appliances

The overall aesthetics of a modern style of kitchen will be complemented with sleek and modern appliances. Being trendy is mainly about enhanced functionality while consuming minimal space. Choose appliances for your kitchen as per your lifestyle to get the best out of the available space.
Apartment homes popular these days usually have small kitchens, which means you have to incorporate all the appliances you need within a compact space.

So, go for appliances that serve multiple purposes and that consume minimum space in your kitchen. Useful appliances made of stainless steel are quite popular among modern kitchens. Get the best workstations to enjoy your daily cooking time.

Horizontal Lines

Most of the modern kitchens have a flare towards horizontal lines, characterised by wide and long lines, drawer cabinets stacked in rows, horizontal and long sets of hardware, etc. Floating panels of the back walls are also used to accentuate the horizontal theme of the kitchen. Cabinets may be given horizontal groovers, or grain can be horizontal on cabinet fronts.

Uncluttered Look

As far as modern style is concerned, less is always more. Cluttered countertops and extra accessories have no space in a modern kitchen. Instead, bring personality into your space with practical components like bar stools and colourful splashbacks. These kitchens have massive amounts of hidden storage space so that countertops can be kept free from clutter.

Pendant Lights

Sleek aesthetics and neat angles of your kitchen are infused with even more personality by adding pendant lights over the countertop. These are the industrial type of lights that are designed to give an edge-like feel to your counters.

Lift the neutral colours of your kitchen design by choosing vibrant colours for these lights. Pendant lights are available in various sizes and shapes to match your kitchen style and interiors.

If you are looking forward to giving a modern design to your kitchen, select a service provider who provides quality artistry, innovative design, and unmatched customer service. With their expertise and experience, they will be able to create a customised kitchen for you as per your lifestyle needs.