15 Minute Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies have been the bane of my existence for a long, long time. It all started when I was craving chocolate chip cookies like crazy during exams in December. Since I was supposed to be studying, I didn’t have half a day to stand around beating eggs or chilling dough to make the usual ‘perfectly crafted’ chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I just wanted something that was super simple and super yummy.  And, of course, I wanted it now.

The aforementioned ‘perfectly crafted’ cookies also weren’t an option because I had no regular flour or eggs. Blasphemous, I know, but it was exam time, so maybe you could cut me some slack? I did have oatmeal and chocolate chips though, so I knew something amazing was possible. And I proved it one night when I couldn’t deal with the cravings anymore. I braved my roommates’ wrath and used the blender to make some oat flour, then pulled out my chocolate chips and got to work.

I was so desperate for cookies as soon as possible, I didn’t even bother to measure out anything. I know for sure that I used one cup but I just kind of threw everything else in the bowl and hoped for the best. Fortunately, for me and my stomach, the result was some of the best chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I had ever tasted. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and bursting with ooey gooey chocolatey goodness.

Sounds like heaven right? I agree. So the next time I wanted chocolate chip cookies in as little time as possible I decided to make those again. Then I remembered that I hadn’t written down – or even measured anything. I did remember all the ingredients though, which was a miracle. But I couldn’t recall the quantities of anything except the oatmeal if my life depended on it.

But I figured that if I’d done it once with awesome results, I must be able to recreate those cookies right? WRONG! The universe clearly  decided to mess with me because I went through about a bazillion and twenty iterations without success. I almost had a quarter life crisis when I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to recreate that initial mind-blowing cookie. Yes, a quarter life crisis. Because cookies are serious business, especially when they involve chocolate chips.

I know what you’re thinking: it couldn’t be that bad. If I was using the same ingredients, how could I manage to not make the same cookies? I have no idea. All I know is that one batch didn’t spread. Another spread so much the batter formed one giant cookie. Some were goopy. Others were too dry. I could go on and one, but I think you get the idea. It wasn’t fun. At all.

Around attempt number one bazillion and ten, I decided that those ingredients were never going to result in such brilliance ever again, and I started changing up what I was using. I switched out the applesauce for apple cider vinegar and started to see some improvement. It took some tinkering but eventually I got my quantities right – and I wrote them down this time.

If I had to decide between these or the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’ve been chasing for the last two months, I’m not sure I could. These aren’t quite as crunchy, they’re definitely crispy. And instead of being chewy on the inside, they’re just plain soft and chocolatey. Plus, they don’t have eggs or flour so they’re vegan and gluten-free. Add in the fact that they’re ready in under fifteen minutes and the only complaint I have is that this recipe only makes 6 cookies.

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