30-Minute Classic Tomato Soup

Let’s be real here: is there anything more comforting in the world than a big bowl of homemade soup? I mean, I guess you could say bubble baths, breakfast in bed, and cuddling puppies have a strong bid in terms of ultimate comfort factor, but I mean, C’MON! Soup is where it’s at!

I’ve been on a major soup kick as of late, which largely has to do with the gloomy, unconventional Californian weather. June gloom is in full force and, even though it’s still a considerably toasty 65-70 degrees, the cloud cover and overall yucky-ness (please don’t punch me all of you East Coast readers) has me craving hot and comforting eats. I can only imagine what living in a place with actual cold weather would be like! You probably would not be able to get me to move out from under a blanket and my diet would consist of solely hot drinks and buckets of soup.

Soup has that oxymoron combination of being both hearty, yet light, and gets major bonus points for being perfect for dipping freshly baked bread in. This tomato soup is taken to the next level by using roasted tomatoes (out of a can because when I want soup I want it NOW) and tons of fresh garlic. Garlic is my all-time favorite weapon to add in a punch of delicious flavor and really makes this recipe stand out. And those gorgeously flaked parmesan shards and extra fresh basil for a pop of color + nom-ness? You have to be kidding me. Someone catch me while I swoon!

With my college quarter winding down, I’m loaded down with work and studying for my finals. Since the quarter system is much faster that the normal semester system I need to be on top of my work and have been spending my fair share of time in my garage-turned study room, coffee shops, and the library. This means I don’t have time to stand over a hot stove to make my meals and, with summer coming up, I’m trying to shape up and eat healthier. Not to mention eating out gets pricey and this college girl is trying to save money! Instead of eating at our local overpriced organic soup restaurant, I can make a big batch of this classic tomato soup that comes out to just a fraction of the cost AND have my meal be much tastier.

Not sold yet? This recipe is done in less than 30 minutes and is perfect for the whole family! While I didn’t have the right cheese to make the classic grilled cheese sandwich, it would be perfect for kids who are picky eaters or those who aren’t the biggest fans of veggies. Nothing is more appetizing than a hearty bowl of vibrant, soothing soup and even non-veggie lovers will be scraping the bowl after trying the goodness that makes up this recipe!

To keep this recipe lightened-up and low on calories and fat, it’s made without the use of heavy cream or butter (olive oil replaces the butter as a healthy fat) and with a base of canned tomatoes, broth, fresh garlic and onion, and low-fat milk. It’s simplicity at its best and the combination of vegetables pairs perfectly with some toasted garlic bread for dipping! If you’re looking to add a protein kick, hard boiled eggs would be a fantastic addition for more texture and that extra filling power.
Ready to get started? It’s as easy as cooking your onions and garlic until the onion is translucent, adding in your broth and canned tomatoes and cooking for around 10 minutes, stirring in your milk and seasonings, and digging in! I had this done in 30 minutes flat and served it with deliciously crunchy and cheesy garlic bread and a side of broccoli.

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