5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Your Kitchen


Wallpaper adds style, charm, and warmth to any room. Because of this, it is one of the best products you can use to decorate any room or surface.

However, wallpapers are typically an afterthought in the kitchen. They are not a popular choice to cover walls in this particular room since older materials do not work quite as well in a humid, steamy environment.

The good news is that wallpapers have come a long way and can now last for a long time even in an area with inconsistent temperature. Additionally, you can find one that will effortlessly transform and enhance the look of your kitchen.

 Finding a store that sells the best wallpaper for homes is an excellent start to choosing the ideal wall covering for your kitchen. With the right supplier, you will have a variety of types, colors, and designs to select from.

And to be sure you will pick the perfect wallpaper for your kitchen, follow these tips:

1. Select The Right material


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Not all types of wallpapers are the same. Conversely, not all will work well in the kitchen.

The three most recommended types of wallpaper for the kitchen are:

●      Vinyl

This type of wallpaper is paper-backed with colors and design printed onto a vinyl surface. It is made of ethylene.

Vinyl is ideal for the kitchen since it is hard and washable. It does not fade when exposed to sunlight as well.

●      Novamura

This particular type of wallpaper comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Novamura is made of foamed polyethylene, and it is both light and easy to fit.

Novamura typically feels like fabric and has a relief pattern. Although it has a more intricate design and texture, it is easy to maintain and clean. It is great at resisting the effects of condensation as well.

●      Washable wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper has a thin plastic transparent coating that covers the design printed on the base paper. This coating makes the wallpaper resistant to stains and marks.

More importantly, cleaning becomes easier and faster; you only need to wipe the wallpaper with a moist cloth, and it will look as good as new.

2. Choose a color and design to complement the mood in your kitchen.

Today, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Aside from being the cooking area, it now doubles as a dining and entertainment area where the family members always congregate.

If your kitchen is often the main center of activities in your home, it always needs to have an energetic, lively vibe. This means choosing colorful wallpapers with dynamic patterns.

However, if you don’t want overtly bold wallpaper, opt for something simple yet warm. This will help brighten the kitchen and the whole atmosphere effortlessly.

Finally, you can also settle for wallpaper with a neutral color and simple patterns. This can set in comfortably with any kitchen setting.

3.Consider your kitchen fixtures and furniture.

When selecting wallpaper, it is also essential to choose something that complements your kitchen’s design and look. This means picking one that also goes well with your cabinets, countertops, and hardware.

Additionally, take into account your current furniture or the ones you will be getting, if you are still having your kitchen built or remodeled. It is best to purchase all the furnishings first before choosing your wallpaper so that everything will work together in this room.

4.Create a Wallpaper Statement Wall.

If you want to make your kitchen look more impressive, create a statement wall.

Pick a wall in your kitchen that is uncluttered or does not feature any cabinets and other décor or fixtures. Make sure it is one that can be noticed immediately by anyone who enters or sits in the room.

Once you have chosen a section for your statement wall, select a wallpaper design that showcases your personality or interest and stands out at the same time. Even if the pattern may appear to overwhelm your kitchen, if applied correctly, you will have a great, appealing statement wall in this room.

5.Don’t Forget The Shelves.

Lastly, include the back of your shelves in your wallpaper project. By installing wallpaper in places that are not easily seen or too obvious, you create elements of surprise in your kitchen.

This means placing the wallpaper on the back of your shelves, cabinets, and inside drawers. When your visitors open the drawers or cabinet doors, you will wow them with the unified design pervading the entirety of your kitchen space.

To be sure you will have a wide variety of products to choose from, visit a well-established supplier of wallpaper. By doing so, you won’t have any difficulty finding the right material to use in your kitchen as there will be experts guiding you along as you make your choice.

About the Author:

James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, flooring, and fabric in the Middle East. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramic, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.