5 Types Of Garbage Disposals: Authentic Disposer Buying Guide

Many of us have asked ourselves why garbage containers in shopping centers, airports, schools and every time in various offices, both public and private, have different colors of which you do not know much. It is possible that the next time you see one of a specific pigment, you know what is deposited there without reading the list. That is topics for today’s discussion- types of Waste Disposals.

A trash can is a type of container that can be made in many sizes and designs; It serves to store the garbage for a certain time, helps to maintain cleanliness, among other benefits. On the other hand, it is an excellent item to decorate, if used correctly. You must pay attention to the type of trash can you choose; this can be a traditional one that serves all waste and you can place it wherever you want.  

Types Of Garbage Disposals:By Material

#1 Round bin / trash only

The capacity of this garbage Disposal is 30 liters, quite convenient for a kitchen. Because it has a lid that helps prevent bad odors and a long-lasting pedal that helps you uncover it without the need to touch the lid with your hands.

#2 Double Recycling Dump 

This garbage dump stands out for being ideal for recycling. It has a double compartment and is perfect for separating organic from inorganic materials, anyway you can give it the use you want as it also serves for glasses, papers, cartons and much more.

#3 Mesh dump

By far, this dumpster is the favorite for offices or workspaces. It is made of reinforced metal mesh at the bottom and at the top, yet it offers enough darkness to not be able to easily see the garbage. They are very durable and will give a modern and industrial look to the place where you put it.

#4 Trash Can Opens by pressing Pop-up — Rubbermaid

The pop-up dumpster seems too creative. It is mainly made for the car, but you can also give it other uses. It is ideal for hanging behind the driver’s seat or the co-pilot and is capable of storing garbage of an entire trip.

5# Mezzo Trash Can with Lid

This trash can is quite glamorous to be a dump, its style with metallic paint finish gives a different and elegant style to any place. It has a capacity of 10 liters, it is small but ideal for bathrooms or places with little use.

How much new container colors are recognized to more accurately separate each material? There is one for paper, another for certain plastics and the one for glass. Next, the description of the grouping of each one:

Green color:

This container is for depositing glass for recycling (bottles, glasses, jars of products such as jams or preserves). It is important to note that it is only suitable for this material, not for mirrors, bulbs or bottles of injection solutions.

Blue color:

Corresponds to paper and its derivatives such as cardboard, newspapers, magazines, envelopes and bakery bags. It does not fall into the category, paper with dirt that exceeds 30 percent; so you should not throw paper party tablecloths.

Yellow color:

From the range of metallic and some plastics. For the yellow container is in the description cans, metal containers, aerosols, aluminum foil, fruit meshes, kitchen gloves (rubber) and trays where they sell meat in the supermarket.

Gray or dark green color:

Diapers, feminine towels, toilet paper, cigarette butts, residues that are swept away and the dust filters of the vacuum cleaner are thrown here; also razor blades and toothbrushes.

Coffee color:

Identify remains of animal food such as bones, fruit skins, seafood shells, paper and kitchen napkins, paper filters with coffee grinding, cork stoppers (wine) and pet droppings.

Red color:

It is alert and careful, because there are waste bags deposited in hospitals and health centers, biological and infectious waste (blood or laboratory samples), as well as injections.  

Wrap Up

Hope you gathered a sound understanding about different types of Disposal Needs. Do practice these norms to make a clean healthy life.