5 Ways To A Bright And Beautiful Kitchen

Sufficient brightness is important in any kitchen. You need to have both natural and artificial light flooding your kitchen so that you will always clearly see what you are doing.In This article,we will help you to figure out easy ways to keep a bright & beautigul kitchen.

Whether you’re slicing up fruits and vegetables, adding seasonings to a big pot of stew simmering on the stove. Or simply rummaging through your pantry, the perfect kitchen design should enable you to accomplish all these without any difficulty and the risk of getting hurt or injured.

Here are some ways to achieve a well-lit kitchen using both natural and artificial light:

Don’t hang those old, unused bedroom and living room curtains (which are often dark and heavy) in the kitchen. They will block the sunlight, and even if you pull aside or tie the curtains, they still won’t let enough natural light in.

To have a well-lit kitchen during the day, choose sheer window cover options that filter but do not impede sunlight. You’ll reduce energy consumption if you never (or only occasionally) turn on your lighting features to cook during the day.

Natural light also helps make your kitchen look and feel cleaner, livelier and more spacious.

Cabinets can take up a lot of kitchen space. As such, use them to brighten up your kitchen during the day and at night.

White and other light shades are reflective colors. If all your cabinets are painted white or a lighter shade, natural and artificial light can easily be multiplied or enhanced.

To take advantage of this light-enhancing technique, install a cabinet system or have custom-built ones painted in white or a different light shade.

If you’re afraid a white kitchen will seem too cold or dreary, don’t worry.There are various shades of white and different glazing options that can add warmth and even elegance to the kitchen.

Another option would be to install cabinets that have glass doors. Glass cabinet doors allow light to flow more freely in the kitchen. Having interior lights installed inside the cabinets can also further enhance this effect. If you’re thinking of buying new cabinets or having them remodeled, instead of having them painted in white, you can choose to have the doors replaced with glass.

Lastly, consider having under-cabinet lighting. Lights strategically installed under cabinets can give a person the impression that there’s more natural light in the kitchen than there really is. However, to get the full effect, select the right wattage and warm-colored lights or bulbs. LED lights are highly recommended since they give the right amount of brightness and are more cost-effective.

Mirrors, glass tiles and decors with metallic colors or accents are also effective in increasing the available light in the kitchen. If you’re thinking of buying new kitchen appliances, choose ones that are stainless so that they can serve the same purpose as well.

If you want more natural sunlight coming into your kitchen, have narrow window splash backs installed in areas that are safe from oil or water splatter. The additional light these features provide can liven up a dark kitchen space. Installed strategically, they can give you great views of the outdoors as well.

Lastly, if the lack of windows or their incorrect placement is the main reason for the darkness in the kitchen, it may be time to consider a full renovation.

Changing the layout of your kitchen will allow your builders or home improvement experts to add one or more windows that will let in more sunlight. If adding more windows is not possible, you can consider having a skylight added to your kitchen.

Rearranging certain cabinets and appliances will also allow the available light to bathe the room. This is something that you can do in addition to having more windows or a skylight.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or thinking of renovating your existing one, the best kitchen designers will create the perfect layout that will enable you to achieve a sufficiently bright space. With their help, you won’t have to waste time and money in experimenting with different renovation ideas that may not work in your kitchen. If you want to have a bright, well-lit kitchen from the start, work with the experts.

Toby Walker is the Director and Operations Manager of Zesta Kitchens. With over 30 years of industry experience (having previously operated Nobby Kitchens and Bunnings Warehouse Kitchen Centres), Toby’s passion is providing a unique customer kitchen renovation experience, and this filters through the business to ensure a quality product with an on-time kitchen renovation.