6 Essential Kitchen Tools That You Need To Have By Smartkitchenidea

To be in good health, you need to eat well. Eating well entails cooking your food well, and cooking your food well entails having high-quality kitchen tools. All kitchen tools are essential, but some are certainly more indispensable than others. Six of the essential kitchen tools are the chef’s knife, the pressure cooker, the juicer, the kettle, the frying pan, the electric drill machine.

1. The Chef’s Knife

There is hardly any meal that you can cook without having to cut or slice something. You need a good, sharp knife to be able to chop your meat and cut or chop your carrots or tomatoes evenly and smoothly.

​You also need to take good care of your knife for it to remain sharp and in good condition. For this, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Always make sure you wash the knife with water and soap after every usage
  • Make sure you dry the knife thoroughly after washing it. It is preferable to do this by use of a napkin than by hanging it.
  • Avoid putting the knife in the drawer without using some sheath or blade guard. This will help it to remain sharp for a longer time.
  • If your knife goes blunt, you can sharpen it by hand, using a whetstone or a file. Unless having a chance to sharpen it by hand, you can always take it to a professional knife sharpener.
  • If you are to chop meat, then choose a cutting board that will not wear your knife out too soon.

Drills are essential, and that’s something we can all agree on. These highly valuable pieces of equipment have been in existence for quite a while and have been used for all manner of jobs to great effect. There are many different kinds of drills in the market and among the most popular are those known as corded power drills.

You need to drill a hole on kitchen wall to hang something or make a wooden tools rack then you should have a drill machine. ToolsInside blog reviews many best quality drill machine.

If you need to boil any liquid such as water, coffee or tea, the kettle is the best tool for you. Nowadays, there are two main kinds of kettles; those that have their own internal electric heating element and those that are heated by placing on a stove. Kettles that are heated electrically are called electric kettles.

The electric kettle has some important advantages over the traditional kettle. For example, the electric kettle has a device in it called the bimetallic strip thermostat, which enables it to go off automatically as soon as the water in it reaches boiling point. This device equally makes it convenient to use the electric kettle at high altitudes.

The jug kettle is an electric kettle which has a more upright design than other electric kettles. It is more economical to use. This is because you can use it to boil small quantities of water enough for a cup only, while the kettle remains covered.With these kettles, drinking coffee has never been convenient especially if you have a sophisticated coffee table with you. You can shop for coffee tables in any online stores like BlackMango.

The electric kettle is an example of a corded tool for every kitchen. Another one is the juicer, which is used for extracting juice from fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Most commercially produced sweet drinks contain a lot of chemicals. Therefore, it is often advisable to produce your own fruit juice at home. For this, the juicer is indispensable. Juices function by crushing, grinding and /or squeezing the fruit, herb or vegetable to extract the juice from the pulp.

There are several types of juicers and each of them is most suitable for a particular type of fruit, herb or vegetable. A few examples include reamers, centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, triturating juicers, juicing presses, and steam juice extractors. For instance, the reamer is mostly used for grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges.

The pressure cooker can be used to cook basically any food that is normally cooked in steam or in any other water-based liquid. While cooking, it is always sealed. The pressure cooker works by creating a high pressure in the cooking vessel.

Due to this high pressure, the boiling point of water increases. As a result of this higher boiling point, the water can remain liquid while at temperatures higher than 1000C. This means you do not repeatedly have to replace boiling water from the pot with cool water. Thus, the food gets cooked considerably faster.

The pressure cooker is convenient for cooking at high altitudes. This is because at such altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is less. So, the boiling point of water is also less and this means water becomes gas at temperatures lower than 1000 C. Therefore, if you are using an ordinary pot, your food will take a very long time to cook.

The frying pan has a flat bottom and steep sides, with an open top. It is used for frying, searing and browning foods. Typically, foods like potatoes, plantains and eggs are best fried in vegetable oil in a frying pan.