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Appetizer Recipes and Ideas

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas – Savory Style

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by smartkitchenpicks


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Growing up I was no stranger to chicken pot pies. Granted, the ones my mom and I loved to eat were those packaged Marie Callender’s frozen meals that you stick in the oven, but they were delicious nonetheless and would bake up to flaky perfection. I remember carefully picking out all the peas (which I… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 7

These Goat Cheese Wrapped Grape Bites are crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and are bursting with juice! Perfect for your next fancy get together or as a simple healthy snack. Hey friends, I’m Sarah! I’ll be guest posting a few times a month here on Savory Style. I run a healthy vegetarian… Read more

So let’s talk appetizer recipes and ideas. I am that girl who you can usually find parked in front of the snack table at parties and get-togethers munching away while the football game is playing. Chips, candy, you name it, it is in my mouth. While I am not too picky when it comes to finger food, there is one combination… Read more


My body confuses me. Take my current smoothie addiction, for example. I went almost all of last summer without drinking a single one, and then got hit with the biggest craving for them in the middle of January — the coldest time of the year. You’re looking at a girl who was sitting next to… Read more


So there I was, with like 50 pounds of Mashed Potatoes leftover from one family dinner (typical me).  Well, maybe it wasn’t quite 50 pounds, but pretty darn close, or at least it seemed like it…lol! And even though I was drowning in mashed potatoes, I just couldn’t throw them away.  I needed to find… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 8

Today I’m bringing you a recipe consisting ingredient is tomato, red lentils and chili, blended together into a thick and hearty soup, all topped with crisp, salty bacon, smoky fried chickpeas and tangy, feta cheese. I do like my toppings, can you tell? In fact, if this soup wasn’t so delicious, I could just eat a… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 9

May is almost over. And it’s rained every single day the entire month. No lie. While I pictured myself pointing my face towards the sun and breaking out my flip flops and summer dresses, I’m doing nothing of the sort and forced to wear jeans, sweatshirts and rain boots 24/7. It’s rather depressing when you’re… Read more

Let’s be real here: is there anything more comforting in the world than a big bowl of homemade soup? I mean, I guess you could say bubble baths, breakfast in bed, and cuddling puppies have a strong bid in terms of ultimate comfort factor, but I mean, Cinnamon! Soup is where it is at! I’ve been… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 10

I popped my homemade hummus cherry for you guys. I just thought you should know that. I’ve loved hummus for as long as I can remember, but… actually, nope… that’s not entirely true. I can clearly remember a time when I didn’t love hummus. Heck, can clearly remember a time when I didn’t even know what… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 11

Oh hey there, quinoa! You’re looking might fine today. Today’s appetizer recipes and ideas is all about healthy and convenience. I’m shoving some close-up shots of this tasty Garlic Parmesan Quinoa and Shrimp to help entice you (and me!) to start kicking our healthy eating into gear. As a food blogger, I don’t tend to repeat recipes all… Read more

8 Awesome appetizer Recipes and Ideas - Savory Style 12

One of my favorite hobbies is entertaining; I love getting friends and family together, love the colorful conversations that inevitably happen and most of all, I love the foods and drinks that come along with it. While each party I throw has a different menu, one thing that’s always sure to be on the table… Read more

8 appetizer Recipes
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