Boston Cream Cheesecake With Nilla Wafer Crust!

I have a serious obsession with Boston Cream.  If it has Chocolate, and a thick, rich creamy component..I’m happy!  You can add that combo to almost anything and I will be smiling from ear to ear!  So, I’m always looking for ways to transform anything I can think of  into a Boston Cream version.   This time, I embellished a nice, sweet Cheesecake!  Oh..Myyy!   Just imagine a thick and dense Cheesecake, topped with a smooth smear of my lazy “Pastry Cream” and a generous cascade of pure chocolate goodness~!  That is THIS Cheesecake!

You can make the Cheesecake ahead of time, and simply put it together before serving.  Now you have dessert and entertainment all in one.  But be careful, if you don’t grab your piece right away, you might never get one.  This Cheesecake disappears faster than you can say “hey..where did it go?”

Layer after layer this cheesecake only gets better and better.  Once you slide through the silky Chocolate top, you sink down slowly into the creamy Cheesecake Pudding layer of decadence…and then…omgosh..THEN, you hit the treasure!  The Cheesecake layer…you might actually need a large fork for this one!  Why?..Because..we’re not even to the amazingly unique and delicious Nilla Wafer Crust yet.

Are you ready for this?  If not get ready, because the flavor combo of the buttery Nilla Wafer crust sends this entire cheesecake to stratospheric levels of awesomeness!  In fact, have copies of this recipe handy to give to anyone who tries it…trust me!  You’ll never get away without giving up the details.  ?

If you should happen to have some of  this leftover, it stores perfectly in the fridge!  Just let it come to room temp. slightly before serving it again. It will taste good as new~  and that’s only in the rare occasion that you’re left with any at all!  And IF for some strange reason you have LOTS leftover, simply wrap it up and freeze it!  It freezes perfectly!  Now you have a 5 star dessert, just waiting for those unexpected friends or family to stop by when you least expect it!

You can also get creative~  try out a different flavor of cream a.k.a Jello Pudding!  Chocolate would be great, or even a fruity flavor.  The possibilities are endless!   You can’t go wrong, and what a fun way to experiment with almost no risk of failure!  I never knew until recently how much fun making Cheesecakes could be, I always thought they were super hard and way out of my ability level.  That was not true at all, and since I gave it a shot, I’ve never looked back.  Cheesecakes have become my go-to dessert of choice and I think I’ve made lots of new friends in the!

Now let’s get started.

Add in the Sugar and the Melted Butter..stir/blend until well combined…

Add it evenly down into the pan…

Press it in there, nice and snug…

Place it into the fridge while you prepare everything else…

Now in a medium bowl prepare the instant pudding according to the package instructions…set aside

Prepare the Cheesecake filling.  In a large bowl add the Cream Cheese, Eggs, Sugar and Vanilla…mix either by hand or with an electric mixer (highly suggested)

Pour the Cheesecake filling into the pan..all over that Nilla Wafer crust.  Bake it at 350 for approx. an hour and a half…OR until it’s golden and not jiggly AT ALL!

Let it cool inside the pan without releasing the outer ring.

While it’s cooling, melt the Chocolate Morels with the Cream..a few splashes at a time, stirring until it’s smooth..

Once it’s completely cooled, top it with the Cream layer…a.k.a the Pudding!


Serve it like this..or chill it for a few in the fridge and it will set up to be a firm cheesecake!  ~Enjoy!  ?

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