Cake Batter Popcorn

Growing up, I always loved eating ice cream as an after-dinner treat or snack before bed time. Although it wasn’t something I ate too often, I looked forward to having a dish of this creamy treat when the weather was hot or it was served alongside a piece of birthday cake.  My family and I would often walk to our local ice cream shop on warm summer evenings. My parents would let my brother and I chose whatever we wanted on the menu, knowing that we usually stuck to our normal favorites. I often opted for a chocolate ice cream cone or hot fudge sundae. Although not the most exciting flavor, I loved the classic taste.

Fast forward years later, and I still love ice cream. And just like when I was younger, I don’t eat it all that much, but do still enjoy it every once in a while. And my tastes are more sophisticated as I’ve grown up. I now love red velvet, peanut butter, and my all-time favorite, cake batter flavors. I’m constantly on the lookout for these whenever I’m in the mood to buy this frozen treat.

But because I don’t want to indulge in the calories all that much, I decided to take my favorite flavor and give it a fun twist with this Cake Batter Popcorn. This crunchy snack contains just four simple ingredient and will take your snacking experience to a whole new level. Filled with creamy white chocolate, yellow cake mix, and colorful sprinkles, you’ll find a new reason to celebrate with this deliciously easy treat.

And if you’re a cake batter fan like me, then this Cake Batter Popcorn was made for you! The white chocolate gives the popcorn a creamy coating, while the cake mix combines to create a classic taste. It will definitely wow your taste buds and make you forget about that plain ‘ole popcorn! My favorite part about this snack (besides the delicious taste) is that it’s a breeze to whip up. You can make this snack in less than ten minutes, which means you can be devouring this in no time. Sounds pretty good, huh?

So let’s get down to business! To make this Cake Batter Popcorn, you need about eight cups of popped popcorn, white chocolate chips, yellow cake mix, and rainbow sprinkles. Simply pour the popcorn in a large bowl, add the melted white chocolate chips and cake mix and stir gently to coat. Once the popcorn is coated, fold in the sprinkles. Spread the popcorn on two baking trays lined with parchment paper and let set until chocolate is hardened. Once the popcorn is ready to go, break into pieces and get ready to indulge.

This Cake Batter Popcorn makes a delicious afternoon snack or tasty dessert that is lower in calories than the flavored ice cream! And because it takes just minutes to make, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time snackin’ on this festive treat.