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1 Awesome Cheesy Baked Crescent Breakfast Ring

Last Updated on January 6, 2021 by smartkitchenpicks


How to make Cheesy Baked Crescent? I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a bit of an early riser. While it used to bother be that I could never sleep in, I’ve come to love that wonderful peace that comes with the stillness of the morning before the chaos of the day starts up. Being up early also lends itself to making me a big breakfast person. Nothing gets me more ready to tackle my to-do list than sitting down to a hearty morning meal and spending a few quality minutes with my fork, coffee, and a good book.

While I usually stick to something simple like oatmeal or a quick piece of toast, there are days when I crave something a bit more special. And by special I mean this Baked Crescent Breakfast Ring!


From the minute I saw a similar recipe, I was hooked. I loved the idea of throwing a bunch of my favorite breakfast flavors and baking them into fluffy pieces of delicious bread. This recipe is perfect for when you’re indecisive about what you want to eat for breakfast. I mean, what is a girl to do when you, she can’t decide between cheesy scrambled eggs, warm bread, and ham? You put all ingredient together and you have something both mouthwatering and hearty!

While it may seem a bit complicated at first, this recipe is much easier than it seems. It’s one of those fantastic brunch dishes that totally brings in the “ooohs” and “aahhs” from your friends and relatives and makes them wonder how exactly you put it together. It couldn’t be more simple, though, and Savory Style is going to break it down pieces by piece!

To start off, you’re going to whisk together the eggs, milk, and plenty of salt and pepper. Stir in the chopped garlic, ham, and bell pepper. In a large greased skillet, scramble together the egg mixture until juuuuuuuust done.


Then, on a parchment paper-lined baking dish, unroll the refrigerated dough and spread the crescent dough out into a ring with the pointy ends sticking outwards and the insides slightly overlapping. Lightly flatten the overlapping dough together, so they slightly meld together.

On the widest part of each piece of triangle dough, evenly layer 3/4 cup of the cream cheese and the cooked egg mixture.


Pull the pointed ends over the egg mixture and tuck them under the wider end. Lightly brush the crescent dough with milk and sprinkle with the remaining mozzarella cheese. Voila! We’re almost done! Now just stick them in the 200 degrees preheat oven, and we’re on our way to flavor town! Bake till it turn in golden brown.


One great thing about this breakfast ring is that it freezes beautifully. Unless I’m making a batch to share, I always end up having extra crescent rolls and don’t want them to go to waste. I’ve discovered that sticking the remainders in the refrigerated crescent roll  and heating them up in the oven or toaster for a few minutes lends itself to a delicious, fast, and warm breakfast any day of the week, regardless of the amount of time I have! I know many of us have a tendency to often skip breakfast because we’re in a rush or tired of the same old bowl of cereal, which leaves us feeling lackluster and tired all day. To this I say, no more! Let’s bring a delicious and hot breakfast back into our mornings that will get us ready to take on the day!


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