Chex Mix Treats

Cookies, brownies, and cupcakes stick out in my mind as being a classic childhood favorite. I could never resist a warm chocolate chip cookie or homemade cupcake with chocolate frosting.  Whether I was at a birthday party or just wanted a sweet treat, these desserts often filled me up and left me wanting more. And then there was one of my absolute favorites: rice krispie treats! I loved the texture and flavor of the crunchy cereal and gooey marshmallow filling.  There’s just something about that treat that had me coming back for a second and third square.

When I was a little older, a store-bought version of these treats came out, satisfying my cravings by simply opening a box. Although they don’t taste quite the same as the homemade kind, they were still one of my go-to snacks. I would often bring a rice krispie square to school to munch on, savoring the taste. And if I was really in the mood, I would eat two treats. With their sweet and crunchy taste, I just couldn’t resist them!

While I haven’t bought rice krispie treats in a long time, I do like to make them every once in a while. After all, homemade is always better than the store-bought kind, right? So when I got a craving for these babies last weekend, I decided to switch them up a bit. Inside of using rice krispies cereal, I used one of my favorite sweet and salty snacks, Chex Mix! Since sweet and salty is pretty much the best combination ever, I decided to combine the Sweet ‘n Salty Chex Mix snack with lots of marshmallows for maximum flavor. These Chex Mix Treats are crunchy, salty, sweet, and loaded with gooey marshmallows. Can’t get much better than that, right?

Besides being deliciously sweet and crunchy, these Chex Mix Treats are so easy to whip up! And I’m all about the easy (and tasty) recipes, friends! All you need to make these squares are a bag of the Sweet ‘n Salthy Chex Mix, mini marshmallows, and some butter. That’s it! Within minutes, this snack will be ready to devour. So let’s go over the steps. Pour the Sweet ‘n Salty Chex Mix into a large bowl and set aside. You’ll then want to melt the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat and then add in the mini marshmallows. Since I like my treats extra gooey, I’m adding lots of extra marshmallows. Stir constantly until the marshmallow mixture is smooth and then pour over the Chex Mix. Lightly stir until each piece is coated with marshmallows, ensuring that the marshmallow mixture is evenly spread throughout the bowl. The pour the chex mix into an 8×8 square baking pan and lightly press down. Let it set for about a half hour and then cut into squares.

One bite and you’ll be hooked! These Chex Mix treats have just the right amount of saltiness, combined with a touch of sweetness. The marshmallow filling rounds out these cuties, making them soft, chewy, and full of flavor. With minimal prep time and simple ingredients, this is sure to become your new favorite snack!