Deviled Egg Recipes: 25 Recipes To Make Your Eggs More Devilish

Deviled eggs are no longer just for spring. They make a lovely appetizer for any occasion and are easily customizable to your guests palates.

Swap your traditional deviled eggs for one of these 25 scrumptious and beautiful devilish egg recipes!

1. Deviled Egg Dip

Turn your traditional deviled eggs into a modern, creamy dip!

Recipe – Deviled Egg Dip via Savory Style

2. Bacon Deviled Eggs

Smoky paprika and bacon bits bring warmth to this.

Recipe – Bacon Deviled Eggs via Healthy Recipes

3. Vegan Deviled Eggs

Swap traditional eggs for tofu in this fun vegan twist!

Recipe – Vegan Deviled Eggs via Planticized

4. Crab Cake Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Rich lump crab with panko come together in these eggs!

Recipe – Crab Cake Stuffed Deviled Eggs via No Spoon Necessary

5. Bacon Chive Deviled Eggs

Topped with chives and bacon crumbles, these eggs are surely a crowd pleaser!

Recipe – Bacon Chive Deviled Eggs via Flavor the Moments

6. Cabbage Pickled Deviled Eggs

Mayo-less deviled eggs that are pretty in pink with cabbage.

Recipe – Cabbage Pickled Deviled Eggs via Food by Mars

7. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs done up Mexican style with creamy avocado and salsa!

Recipe – Avocado Deviled Eggs via Skinny Fitalicious

8. Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs

These eggs stuffed with ham and sprinkled with yolk & micro greens make a fresh appetizer.

Recipe – Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs via Garlic + Zest

9. Low Fat Deviled Eggs

This ultra creamy dish is made low fat with cottage cheese.

Recipe – Low Fat Deviled Eggs via Samantha’s Kitchen Table

10. Undeviled Eggs

Keep the yolks and fancy them up with fraiche, caviar, dill and pimento.

Recipe – Undeviled Eggs via The Everyday Epicurist

11. Roasted Garlic Chipotle Deviled Eggs

Smoky chipotle, roasted garlic with a blast of lime juice make these deviled eggs truly addictive.

Recipe – Roasted Garlic Chipotle Deviled Eggs via Natural Comfort Kitchen

12. Gourmet Deviled Eggs

Made with speck ham and roasted red pepper, these eggs are most definitely gourmet.

Recipe – Gourmet Deviled Eggs via A Fork’s Tale

13. Deviled Quail Eggs

These itty bitty deviled eggs could not be any cuter.

Recipe – Deviled Quail Eggs via Probably This

14. Pickled Beet Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs

Dyed in beet juice, these eggs could not get any prettier!

Recipe – Pickled Beet Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs via What Jew Wanna Eat

15. BLT Deviled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs with candied bacon, basil and tomatoes in under 10 minutes.

Recipe – BLT Deviled Eggs via The Stay At Home Chef

16. Creamy Olive Pimento Deviled Eggs

An eclectic mix of Greek yogurt, mustard, butter & pickle juice make these eggs mysteriously good!

Recipe – Creamy Olive Pimento Deviled Eggs via Cotter Crunch

17. Broccoli & Mayonnaise Easy Deviled Eggs

Traditional deviled eggs with just five ingredients stuffed with broccoli.

Recipe – Broccoli & Mayonnaise Easy Deviled Eggs via Ilona’s Passion

18. Miso Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Spicy and salty flavors in these devilish eggs!

Recipe – Miso Sriracha Deviled Eggs via Port and Fin

19. Cowboy Deviled Eggs

Made with taco seasoning these are like mini taco eggs.

Recipe – Cowboy Deviled Eggs via Joanie Simon

20. Pumpkin Masala Deviled Eggs

These fall inspired eggs are made with pumpkin, squash, bell pepper and seasoned with turmeric and red chili powder.

Recipe – Pumpkin Masala Deviled Eggs via Turmeric n’ Spice

21. Spicy Crab Deviled Eggs

Flavorful ceviche style eggs with a fishy twist.

Recipe – Spicy Crab Deviled Eggs via Lexi Bites

22. Beet Deviled Eggs

These pretty eggs are made simply with boiled beets.

Recipe – Beet Deviled Eggs via What Great Grandma Ate

23. Buffalo Deviled Eggs

Made with buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese these eggs are irresistible!

Recipe – Buffalo Deviled Eggs via Wine & Glue

24. California Style Deviled Eggs

Infused with Miracle whip, balsamic and sun-dried tomatoes, these eggs are bursting with flavor.

Recipe – California Style Deviled Eggs via My Organized Chaos

25. Jalapeño Popper Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs get a spicy makeover in this recipe with spicy jalapeños and crispy bacon.

Recipe – Jalapeño Popper Deviled Eggs via Neighborhood Food

Well there you have it, 25 deviled egg recipes for you to try. We would love to hear about some of the recipes from this list that you have tried.