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Does Air Fryer Cause Cancer? Is Air Fryer Safe For Health?

This is an appliance found in the kitchen that is used to cook various types of foods. It cooks by flowing food around a very hot air. Foods like potato chips, chicken, and many others are cooked using very little oil unlike in the traditional cooking methods of deep frying. This appliance circulates at a very high speed thus cooking your food very fast. Therefore, this method of cooking allows you to save to almost 80% of your cooking oil.There is an asking among the fryer users- Does Air Fryer Cause Cancer? let us dig down the fact!

Is Air Fryer safe for health?

In the current world, several people are running up and down to cut down on their body fat. Though some have become successful, there are still those who have found it hard controlling their weight.

This does not mean that they are eating too much but it is the dieting process that is to be blamed. A lot of fats in your meals is not good for you. To take care of this problem, air fryer has been designed to help you cook your food with low fat.

Therefore, this is good for your health since you take foods with less fat when cooking using air fryer. Also, when using an air fryer you can cook a variety of meals within a very short time. This thus encourages you to take different foods with low fat. This is a healthy eating unlike when you just eat a common type of food.

With air fryer, your calorie consumption will be reduced. This is because this appliance uses less oil and hence it will help you lose your weight. Again, many people find it hard cooking for themselves in their homes.

This is because it takes them a lot of time and energy cooking. Therefore many do opt for packed foods from the shops. Some of these foods might not be good for your health and air fryer will solve this hustle. This appliance will cook your food very fast thus saving on your time. For your good health, home cooked meals can do you a great deal.

There are numerous claims that air fryers cause cancer, however, this is just a misconception. The basis of this fallacy is people’s fear of acrylamide in food. This substance has been found to cause cancer and is found in plastics, papers and in grey water. Also, this is produced when you heat some foods to very high temperatures above 248°C.

To reduce this carcinogenic substance in fried foods, you need to air fry them in a hot oven. This can be a tedious process of which when you use an air fryer, you will be covering all these at the same time.

Therefore, using an air dryer does not cause cancer. It also lowers the risks of having cancer from acrylamide substance unlike when using the traditional deep frying method. Taking overcooked foods may also cause cancer and with air fryer, this is reduced because you can control your cooking temperatures and time.


Using an air dryer to cook your food is not only good for your health but also the best and more efficient way of cooking. Unlike the deep frying method, air frying is healthier since it will help you cut down your calories.

With air fryer, risks of developing cancer are reduced to zero. Therefore, you should not be worried about those fallacies that people keep saying. Air fryers are the most save and healthy method of cooking your food. Find your home an air fryer and enjoy its services.

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