Double Chocolate Banana Granola

I think I need to look into joining a support group. Granola Eaters Anonymous, for those who just can’t stop [at one handful].

Something like that has to exist, right? I mean… I can’t be the only one who can’t control herself around granola. Who sits down with the intention to only eat a handful before having that handful turn into half a box/bag and having no memory of getting to that point. None. Like something ninja’d my brain for those 10-15 minutes and forced me to keep dipping my hand into the cookie jar granola bag… which obviously means that I can’t be held responsible for my actions. It wasn’t me. I swear.

And I know there are plenty of us out there, because granola? It’s basically legal crack. Sweet, chewy, satisfying legal crack. It looks all unassuming in its oaty-ness, but one bite is all it takes for the brain-ninjaing to set in…. especially when chocolate is involved.

So how do we feel about chocolate for breakfast? Because I’m all for it… even if it’s just a small spoonful of chocolate chips. I figure the earlier I can indulge in one of my biggest addictions, the better. I know some people out there prefer to start their day on a savoury note (which is fine), but I’ve been a sweet girl for as long as I can remember. Muffins, waffles, pancakes, cereals, smoothies… they’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Put a plate of scrambled eggs on the table and I’ll probably just roll over and fall back asleep, but tell me there are blueberry muffins involved and I’ll be there in 2.2.

And if you’re not a sweet breakfast person, then you’re still in luck because granola makes a pretty awesome snack. Just saying.

So now that we’ve spent some time talking about chocolate, let’s move on to the second part of the equation — the bananas.

If I had to pick one food combo to raise above all others, bananas and chocolate would probably be it. That’s not to say that I don’t love the classics like: [almond] butter and jelly, chips and salsa, macaroni and cheese, and cookies and milk, but bananas and chocolate separately are two of my favourite foods, so putting them together just takes things to a whole new level of deliciousness.

And danger. Definitely danger. Why? Because that combo in granola form is basically my kryptonite.

Thankfully, granola is super easy to make, and whipping up a batch at home means I can mitigate some of the damage done, especially when I stick to recipes like this one, which keeps the sugar, fat, and salt low, and uses healthy ingredients like rolled oats, bananas, dark chocolate, coconut oil, and maple syrup.

All you need are a few pantry staples, 1 bowl, 10 minutes of hands-on time, and a little bit of patience. That’s it! The hardest part of this whole process is waiting for the granola to finish baking while your house fills up with the delicious aroma of bananas and chocolate. The rest is easy… especially the eating part.

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