Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

When it comes to chocolate, I don’t joke around.

I consider myself a die-hard chocolate enthusiast and a day without chocolate is a sad day indeed! I don’t discriminate either: milk chocolate, semi-sweet, dark, straight out of the cookie dough (yes, I’m that person). Give me ALL of it!

I guess you could say I was born into a legacy of chocolate. I’m half Norwegian and, let me tell ya, there is nothing better in the world than a giant slab of Norsk milk chocolate. I know there’s a bunch of hype over Swiss chocolate, but they have nothing on the creamy and perfectly sweet chocolate bars that can be found in the grocery stores in Norway. It makes Hershey’s taste like garbage!

I remember reading in an article that there’s a bizarre juxstaposition in which there’s an almost direct correlation to the happiness rating of a country AND the number of Noble Leaureats. Norway ranks highly in both and so I guess you could say that I am bound for a happy life filled with tons of awards and prestige. That’s how these things work, right?

With all this chocolate running through my veins, I have high expectations for any chocolate-based dessert. It needs to be perfectly sweet with a good combination of textures and, of course, giant gobs of chocolate chunks that you can sink your teeth into. These double chocolate chunk cookies satisfy my chocolate dreams in a way that no ordinary cookie can!

Forged in the depths of my stand mixer, they come together in a flash (seriously, you only need one bowl!), and are filled to their little cookie brims with chocolate. I had a busy Saturday and come nighttime, I wanted nothing more than to turn the heat up on my oven and put together a treat to have with my coffee. Being a college student, I experience a lot of late nights where I’m up till 1 or 2 a.m studying biology and flipping through pages and pages of large textbooks with small prints can get pretty tedious. Nothing helps pass the time more than binge-eating cookies. When you limit yourself to a cookie a chapter, you’d be surprised at how much material you can cover!

There is one negative to making a batch of cookies on a Saturay night, though, especially when you live in a big house full of 11 girls. You absolutely cannot leave them out in the kitchen or you will never see them again- esepcially when everyone has been out partying! I had to send out a semi-passive aggresive text message to everyone and hide them away to ensure I would be able to photograph these babies the next day once the sun came up! Don’t get between me and my cookies.

Another big criteria that I have for cookies (other than them being completely loaded down with chocolate) is that they need to be thick and gooey on the inside. I’m not a fan of crispy and dry cookies that break apart into a million pieces when you eat them, so I made sure to pick a cookie base that would end up nice and chunky! To get maximum thickness, though, make sure you refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes to an hour before baking. It keeps the dough from spreading too much and thinning out!

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