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Let’s face it, there are 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of food and recipe blogs that exist online. We feel that there are 3 main elements that separate an average blog, from an authority blog:

1. Engaging and entertaining content 2. Off the chain photography

3. Unique and original recipes

Savory Style is on a mission to accomplish all 3 of these components and we would like you to be apart of our growth because it comes with several benefits.

– Opportunities to receive free products and services to review on our website – Bonus commissions for participating in sponsored and branded post opportunities – Gaining exposure to build your own audience and additional freelance writing opportunities

– Special invitations to events, parties, and conferences

Our goal is to help all of our contributors grow their audiences because we feel that this will benefit everyone in the long run because the larger following that you have, the more traffic and exposure our website gets and the more money everyone can make. It is that simple.

Our website focuses on these main categories

Entrees Appetizers Side Dishes Desserts

Cake and Cupcake Decorating

We our currently looking for contributors that specialize in the following areas:

– Paleo Recipes – General (Entrees, Appetizers, and Desserts) – Gluten-Free Recipes – Vegan Recipes – Vegetarian Recipes – Desserts – Cake Decorating – Cupcakes – Whole Food

-International Recipes (i.e. Asian, Japanese, Indian, etc)

We found that having writers create recipes that they enjoy and our passionate about end up getting shared the most on social, better overall content quality, and readers tend to respond better because they can tell the contributor is naturally passionate about the subject matter.

To get in idea of what we are looking for, check out one of our most popular post, “Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs”, which has been shared over 200,000+ times on social media.

Do you pay for becoming a contributor?

Absolutely! We have a starting base rate per recipe and it increases depending on the amount of social reach that you have. We expect every contributor to promote their published recipes on their social channels.

BONUS MONEY: If you can create a quick video like this one ( to go along with your recipe, we will pay you an additional $100 on top.

So, are you interested in contributing to Savory Style? If you are, then fill out the form below and we will get back to you promptly about more details about contributing to the website.