Healthy Cooking: 8 Ways To Use The Philips Airfryer!


Fry with a minimum of fat for a healthier kitchen: under its chic and ergonomic design, the Philips Airfryer hides a slew of balanced possibilities for healthy eating. Vary recipes daily, it’s easy, and with more pleasure than effort, please!We prepared a sound list of 8 ways to use the philips airfryer for your ease of comfort.Enjoy reading.

Cook Muffins


Because it does not have a bulky blade, the Airfryer frees up all of its interior space to increase your healthy cooking options … including the option of placing silicone muffin pans or paper boxes. And because it turns hot air throughout the tank, it cooks them, too, to perfection!

To Crisp a Precooked Bread

No time to go through the bakery, let alone prepare a homemade bread? We understand you, the Airfryer too. Slip a pre-baked bread into the basket, start cooking, you will get a nice hot bread with crisp crust and soft crumb, the must of the crunchy recipe.

To Brown a Gratin

The rotating heat is good, with the direct heat and more, even better. The Airfryer cooks food and gilds the top with the same brio as an oven, enough to ensure melting and colored gratins. The healthy cooking with minimal space in the kitchen, we said yes!

Roasting a Chicken

The Airfryer is spacious and it cooks, browns or grills like an oven, but with less fat. No need to tell you, then, that it ensures a dream baking, between soft flesh and crispy skin, for your drumsticks or chicken wings … a quick and healthy recipe , even for a roast chicken whole with the Airfryer XXL! You can also use best propane gas grills to roast the chicken.

Cooking a Quiche

Remember, the interior of the Airfryer gives pride of place to space and pulsed heat cooked like an oven. Why not bake your mini-quiche appetizers, tarts for entry or a real quiche for a quick meal? Kids love and the filling varies with the pace of the races, so many good ideas to eat healthy and simple.

Cook a Cake

If the Airfryer cooks your muffins, which would prevent it from cooking, too, your cakes and cakes of all kinds? Glass, ceramic, metal or silicone, as long as the mold holds in the tank, the device cooks its contents. The result is undeniable: healthy and fluffy to perfection!

Roasting Vegetables

The ratatouille with Airfryer, this is an idea that you would not have thought … Put your favorite vegetables, the device cooks them perfectly, quickly and effortlessly to draw all the flavors. The thing more? Vary vegetables, spices and herbs for a renewed healthy cooking every day!

Grill Fish

Quickly done, well done, 100% balanced: place lightly oiled, salted and peppered fish fillets in the basket of the Airfryer, it is responsible for cooking them in soft cooking and in a few minutes since the device does not require preheating … As to vary the pleasures, coat it with pesto, coat it with breadcrumbs, change fish or sauce!

Advantages of An Airfryer :

  • Faster and more economical
  • Preheat becomes useless
  • Neither shake nor return
  •  Safer
  • More ecological
  • Welcome foil
  • Easy cleaning
  • No more calories

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