How To Clean A Kitchen – Step By Step Kitchen Cleaning Tips

You may think cleaning the kitchen is pretty self-explanatory, but it isn’t always that easy and can take a huge chunk of time. With wiping down the counters, cleaning the tile floors, dusting, cleaning out the microwave, and wiping down the stove and oven, it can take half of a day just to make sure that your kitchen is clean.This is an in detail step by step article to make you learn how to clean a kitchen. Hope it will be best-fit kitchen cleaning guide for you to clean your kitchen.


What’s going to set you up for success when cleaning your kitchen is making sure that everything is cleared off the counters and other surfaces. And making sure that everything is put away before you get started. One important thing is that if you pick one of the best kitchen decor themes,you can leverage you kitchen cleaning job. We like starting the cleaning process by removing everything off of your counter tops. After that, putting them exactly where they are supposed to go, putting away the dishes, etc. Make sure that you put away or move all of your large appliances too if they are in the way. This will make sure that you have clear surfaces. Instead of having to move plates, shakers, utensils, and appliances when you are wiping everything down, the road will be clear.

2. Clear the Dishes

If you have any dirty dishes that are out on the counter or in the sink, let’s get rid of those first. Go ahead and put your stopper in your sink so that you can fill it up with hot, soapy water. Then start soaking any large and small dishes that you have. Like we said earlier, make sure that your dishwasher is clear of any clean dishes so that you can load it again later. This is a good time to soak your microwave dish, large pots and pans, your stove burner covers, and anything that may need to wash by hand later.

3. Cleaning the Counters and Stove Top

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Next, go ahead and grab your all purpose cleaner and some rubber gloves, if you like using them. Next, you can spray down your counter tops and the surface of your stove with your safe and hygienic, all purpose cleaner. Now, you can just let those surfaces soak while you move on with the cleaning process.

4. Clearing out the Refrigerator

Cleaning out your refrigerator can be a large or small task, depending on how often you use your fridge, stock it, and eat at home. The first goal that you should have is to purge anything that you have in your fridge that is expired or that you aren’t using. After that, you may want to remove everything in your refrigerator and put the contents on your table so that they are out of the way. This is the perfect opportunity to give your refrigerator a good wipedown, and do get rid of any messes or stray food debris that is lying around. After you’ve wiped down your fridge with a rag and all-purpose cleaner, make sure you dry it, and then you can place all of your food back in the refrigerator.

5. Working from the Top Down

Cleaning your kitchen is similar to washing your car in that you want to clean it from the top-down. Since the end of this kitchen, the cleaning process is going to be cleaning the floor, it’s okay if dust and debris wind up there, from your counters and cabinets. Don’t worry about the counters either, because we will be wiping them down toward the end too.

You may want to start with dusting the top of your cabinets with a long duster, and work around the outside of your kitchen first before you start moving in to clean. Make sure to get every corner, the light fixtures underneath your cabinets and anywhere else that you have them, and make sure that you don’t forget the top of your refrigerator.

6. Cleaning the Microwave

Depending on how frequently you use your microwave, it may or may not be a disaster to clean. Now that you have the plate from your microwave soaking in the sink let’s get your microwave wiped down. One way that you can clean your microwave is simply taking hot water on a wet sponge with a little soap, to wipe down the interior of your oven. Make sure that you dry the interior thoroughly.

7. Wiping Everything Down

Now is a great time to grab a rag or some paper towels to wipe down your stove and countertops. At this point, you have given these surfaces plenty of time to soak, and you are ready to wipe them down. Next, you can clean the vertical surfaces in your kitchen. You can use a warm, wet rag with some soap to wipe down your cabinets. We also recommended using some antibacterial wipe to clean any handles, to clear any bacteria and germs.

8. Cleaning The Sink

By now, your dishes have had a good amount of time to soak. You can now wash your dishes and put them away or load them into the dishwasher. Make sure that you wipe down your sink too.

9. Cleaning the Floor

To finish this off, you can use a broom or dry duster to clear the floor. After it is clear of small debris, you can mop it or simply use a wet duster.To Know more about duster visit here.

So you make it happen, a neat & clean kitchen -the most traffic area for any home.You can repeat the work once a month or according to your convenient.