How To Cook Frozen Shrimp In Air Fryer

Shrimps are great seafood. They are high in proteins, Sodium, and Calcium but low in fats and cholesterol. This makes them quite nutritive and suitable for everyday consumption. Being derived from the sea, the chances are high that you will obtain them from supermarket shelves in the frozen form. This is why you ought to know how to prepare them.And If the knowledge is about how to cook frozen shrimp in air fryer,this is something awesome for sure.

The air fryer remains by far the most suitable appliance for their preparation. This is because the appliance consumes less fat, is faster, and more efficient to operate. We are going to dig deeper into the procedures you ought to follow to prepare them below:

The first task is to melt the shrimp. This step is necessary to get rid of any moisture that may be present on the shrimp. This is because only dehydrated foods may be placed in the air fryer. Frozen foods have plenty of moisture that is in the form of ice. To get rid of them, you may consider placing the frozen shrimps out in a dish for 30 minutes. 

Though not compulsory, cut the shrimp into tiny pieces. This is to enable the shrimp to fit in the limited space that is available in your air fryer’s food basket. This is also to ensure that the heat that is so generated by the fryer penetrates all the various parts of the shrimp perfectly well.

Once you have got rid of the frozen moisture and have cut the shrimp into pieces as well, place the shrimp in a bowl and apply some oil. Do not apply plenty of oil. You only have to coat the shrimp with little oil. Turn the shrimp round and round and apply oil onto all its parts. Ensure that the entire shrimp is thoroughly coated with oil before proceeding to the next step.

Place the coated shrimp in the air fryer’s food basket. Push the bucket into its compartment and seal tightly. Try opening and closing to ascertain whether the basket is indeed fully inserted into its compartment within the air fryer. This is because any openings or perforations will usually let some heat escape. If and when this happens, the quality of the cooking may be compromised.

Set the cooking temperature and the duration of cooking as well. A temperature 380 degrees and a cooking time of 5-8 minutes would be appropriate for the shrimp. Push the ‘cook’ button and let the fryer do its job of cooking the shrimp!

Once the set cooking time has elapsed, pull out the food basket and then turn the shrimp upside down. Return the cooking basket into its compartment and set both the timer and the cooking temperatures again. Allow it to cook again.

Depending on the size of the shrimp you are cooking, you may have to repeat the procedures above severally. This is especially so if the shrimp in question is large enough. This repetition is necessary to ensure that the outcome is uniform and that the end result is as great as can possibly be

PS: A adequately cooked shrimp has to be brown in color, uniform in texture, soft to bite and exude a pleasant smell. Anything short of these is indicative of the fact that that particular shrimp has not been properly cooked and is hence in need of some extra cooking.

For the best results, you absolutely have no choice but to be meticulous in your approach. Shrimps being large and bulky, you may also have to turn them upside down constantly. This is to let each part to be relatively exposed to the heat as much as possible. It is also necessary to let the shrimp cook uniformly for best results.