Kalorik Air Fryer Reviews-The Best Budget Fat Less Fryer For Your Kitchen

Fried food is great. However, it also brings with it the dangers of overweight, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others. This calls for an alternative way of preparing them if those side effects are to be avoided. This is the need that the air fryer is designed and intended to exude. For sure Kalorik air fryer can be a wise alternative to avoid conventional frying but not compromising the test & texture of cooked food.

The air fryer is basically cooking appliance that fries food using deficient quantity of fat. It does so by superheating the oil, mixing it with air, and then circulating the same in its cooking chamber. This results in foods that are low in cholesterol and incredibly soft as well.

To start off, let us examine the significant benefits and strong points of the Kalorik 42139 air fryer:

This perhaps is the major strong point of this air fryer. It has a pretty large cooking area, making it quite suitable for preparing whole family dishes. As a matter of fact, it has the ability to prepare food for up to 4 members of the family at a time. This indeed is the fryer to settle on in case you have an entire family in mind.

#2 Highly Versatile

With this fryer, you can carry out as many different kinds of cooking as possible. These include baking, frying, grilling, and roasting. For this reason, the fryer is indeed a very worthy purchase. You stand to derive so many benefits for the little amount of money you spend to acquire it. You also stand to accrue the benefit of the unhindered convenience of use.

#3 Very Thorough


Preparing thoroughly cooked and high-quality foods require intense heat. This appliance, by virtue of being able to generate 400 Degrees Fahrenheit (204.4 Degrees Celsius), is suited for this particular job pretty well.

Last in the list of its key features is its compact size. It is designed smoothly and flawlessly. You will find it convenient to carry around as you will not strain at all. You will hence experience fewer hassles in engaging its various components while using it.

  • Powerful: It prepares food courtesy of the mighty air frying technology. This produces rapid hot air circulations that soften and thoroughly cooks the foods.
  • Worthy Purchase: It is multi-functional and versatile. You may use to fry, bake, grill and roast with as little to almost no oil added!
  • Hygienic: The appliance does not produce any oil smell, splatter, or messes at all! This makes your effort to clean it quite convenient.
  • Convenient to Operate: This appliance comprises removable parts that are dishwasher safe. Because of this, you will expend less energy in operating and maintaining the various parts and components.
  • Minimal Attention Requirement: It comes along with a 30-minute timer. This feature frees you from the need to be consistently present to monitor the process of food preparation. It, therefore, allows you to multitask i.e. carry out multiple chores at a time.
  • Safe and Convenient: Also incorporated in the system is the automatic shut off feature. This switches off the fryer as soon as the process of preparing food is concluded. It also switches off in case there is a surge in the supply of voltage.
  • Large Capacity: With the ability to accommodate 2 pounds of food, this fryer is spacious enough for whole family use.
  • High-Temperature Limit: By being able to generate heat of up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit (204.4 Degrees Celsius), this fryer is suited for carrying out all kinds of cooking. It is also thorough in its task of preparing food as the result of this.

  • Quite Bulky: Because of measuring 13.6 inches long by 11.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep and weighing 10.3 pounds (4.7 kg), this fryer is way too bulky for convenient handling. You will find it quite cumbersome and inconvenient to carry around.
  • Potentially Injurious: Given that it can generate up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit (204.4 Degrees Celsius) of heat, this fryer may burn you. You should, therefore, exercise great caution while handling it lest you sustain serious injuries.
  • Huge Storage Space Requirement: Given its bulky nature, you undoubtedly have to set aside plenty of storage space to accommodate it. You may find yourself at a disadvantage in case you reside in a smaller house.
  • Strictly for Indoor Use: You may not use the fryer outdoors because doing so may subject it to external harsh weather conditions that may interfere with its functioning.
  • Powerful air frying technology
  • Rapid hot air circulation
  • Adjustable temperature controls: Up to 400 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Built-in Timer: Up to 30 minutes
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 2 pounds
  • 3.2Qt basket
  • 25+ recipes book included
  • Elegant and breathtaking appearance

-It costs around $100.00 to $120.00 depending on the precise point of purchase.

-The fryer can prepare food enough for up to four persons at a time.

-No. It only prepares meals, and that is it!

-In all, it consumes 80% less oil than ordinary deep frying method. By opting for this fryer, you stand to derive a lot of health benefits.

In case you are intent on reducing your likelihood of contracting heart attacks and excessive weight gains, you, by all means, require this air fryer. This is because it uses 80% less fat than the deep-frying cooking technique. As such, it gives rise to very delicious and healthy foods that are less harmful to your body.

Other than that, the fryer also brings along the added benefits of faster cooking time, fewer attention requirements, and the ability to carry out several kinds of cooking methods at a time. What’s more? It also costs moderately modest and is as such a very worthy purchase indeed!

These given the cases, why don’t you consider purchasing it as soon as possible? You, by all means, would want to leverage all the benefits of the appliance, I suppose!