Keep Your Home Clean With This 6 Easy Tips And Tricks


Does anyone like cleaning? When it comes to a regular house cleanup, the majority of people associate it with frustration and lost time. Is it possible to make the task less annoying?

For centuries, homeowners have been trying to come up with a way to minimize the cleaning effort without hindering the result. They managed to discover numerous methods to make the process easier

We asked professional cleaners from Hoboken home cleaning services to share interesting approaches to simplifying the home cleaning task while achieving excellent results.

Did you know that those lazy homeowners who hate vacuuming, washing floors and cleaning windows came up with a clever way to skip the tasks? They created special machines that do the job for them.

While you may have seen vacuuming robots, you could have missed the floor and window washing buddies, dust-removing air purifiers, self-cleaning litter boxes, microwave cleaners, and much more. Depending on the model, they can clean your entire house in just a few hours without any action on your part. Go out and find the best robot for you today.

Using eco-friendly products doesn’t just save you money, keep your lungs healthier, and your kids safer. They make your house cleaner. For example, a simple mix of soda, water, and lemon are excellent for streak-free window cleaning. Meanwhile, water, essential oil, and vinegar can freshen up any surface of your home without leaving an oily residue.

The ingredients for eco-friendly products are easy to buy at the nearest store. You don’t have to bother keeping numerous bottles and sprays in your home.

Streaky shower heads are a problem each homeowner faces. A bathroom is an excellent place for all type of soft bacteria to thrive, and a shower head is one of its favorite spots. Putting the shower head into vinegar overnight can keep you from spraying, cleaning, and scrubbing.

If the shower head is fixed and you can’t take it down, put some vinegar in a small plastic bag and attach the bag to the shower head with rubber bands. Vinegar is highly efficient for fighting bacteria all over your house. As a bonus, it’s cheap. 

How often do you change your sponges? Ideally, you should do it after you wipe any surface. Sponges absorb dirt and bacteria, which may stay inside even after a good rinse. What can you do to avoid spreading bacteria all over your home?

Dampen the sponge and put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds on full power. It will come out clean and fresh. Just make sure the sponge doesn’t have any metallic components or you’ll ruin the microwave

While the robot vacuum is taking care of your floors, the regular vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be sitting around. Use it to clean the blinds. Washing the blinds is annoying and time-consuming.

Many people put the task off for months. All you have to do to simplify it is to invest in an upholstery attachment for your vacuum cleaner. You can achieve spotless blinds in just a few minutes.

A lint roller is an excellent weapon for dealing with many types of dirt on the surfaces in your home. Invest in a large lint roller and take care of cat’s fur, leftovers from kids’ crafts projects, large pieces of dust, and more.Make the lint roller your quick helper. It does the job in under a second, which is especially useful when you need to clean up in a flash.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. By learning tips and tricks that people have been coming up with for ages, you can simplify the task and maybe even enjoy it. 

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