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what is an induction cooktop

Cooking is among the most ancient technologies, and without it, man would not have thrived without perfecting the art of self-nourishment. The root idea of cooking is to kill harmful microorganisms in the raw food thus making it safe and on top of it nutritious. When food undergoes the heat treatment, which is called cooking. […]

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air fryer vs deep fryer-what is perfect?

Before starting to decorate your kitchen,i am pretty sure at least once you thought,what should i buy- air fryer or deep fryer?which will be worth of money or which first?As personally i also cook a lot, similar question also arise in my mind & i decided to write a post on air fryer vs deep […]

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how to clean deep fryer oil?

In my life, I have single-highhandedly been responsible for the mass deep-frying of thousands of pounds of potatoes. In fact, if you counted everything I ever fried, well, it’s a lot. When you cook as much as I do, the deep-fryer is an asset. The down-side of having an oil- gobbling delicious machine however, is […]

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can you reuse turkey fryer oil

When deep frying a turkey in a turkey fryer, you definitely need a lot of oil. And using so much oil for just a single fry can prove expensive. Surely the question arises among many as to whether  can you reuse turkey fryer oil or not.Let me clearify the topics.Research states that in any normal […]

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what is the best oil for deep fryer?

Deep frying is a great way to cook tasty food which is ready really quickly. It features in many cuisines around the world. Choosing the right oil for deep frying means you can enjoy the time efficient culinary pleasures of deep frying and stay as healthy as possible.our effort is that to make you educate […]

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What is a Milk Frother & How Does It Work?

One of the best things about going to a coffee shop is the delicious frothed milk served on top of your coffee. Now, thanks to modern technology, you can easily make your favorite milky beverages in the comfort of your own home with a milk frother. Most milk frothers are quick and easy to use […]

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How to Clean Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are much easier to clean than standard ones as the only part of the appliance that comes in touch with the heat is the part where you place your pot or pan. So, cleaning off spills and stains becomes easier if wiped off as soon as the induction cooktop cools down.Apart form general […]

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Do Air Fryers Work? Deep Insight of An Air fryer

Everyone knows that fried foods are not good for your health, right? But anything fried I so darn tasty! You know that you shouldn’t eat fried food but more often than not, the temptation gets the better of you. Well, in comes a gadget that claims that it can fry something without oil! These so-called […]

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How to clean an air fryer?

Air fryers are in vogue as they offer various advantages like providing healthy low fat meals. They are easy to clean, provide an easy and fast method of cooking as well as allow several dishes to be cooked simultaneously. With deep fried foods, cooked the traditional way, there are a lot of dirty tools, filthy […]

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