Nutella-Covered Pumpkin Crepes

Several years ago, my family got to house a foreign-exchange student from France. We absolutely loved having her around and she was such a great girl. She spoke excellent English and taught us all quite a bit of French.

One of our favorite things about having her stay was all of the different recipes she taught us. She taught us about the food in France and the different meals she had. In fact, her father owned a bakery in France, so she had quite the amount of experience and know-how. The absolute favorite meal that she would make for us were savory crepes. She would make plain crepes and stuff them with a creamy and cheesy chicken mixture. They were absolutely delicious and pretty quick to make.

After she taught us how to make crepes, they became a staple in our house. We have savory and sweet crepes all the time. If there is ever a party at my house, you can count on their being crepes served!

Now that it is officially Fall and pumpkin is everywhere – I decided it would be fun to create pumpkin crepes based off of her original recipe. They took a bit of experimenting and some trial and error, but they are so worth it! These crepes are delicious – they are flavorful and the perfect Fall breakfast or dessert. Plus they aren’t too tricky to make and you can top or fill them with just about whatever you want. I filled these with cream cheese and covered them in lots of nutella, but you can try all kinds of different fillings and toppings. You could even stuff them with cooked sausage to have a savory sausage-pumpkin dinner.

For these crepes, start off by making the batter. Do not try to thin out the batter – it is supposed to be a bit thick. The most important thing for crepes, is making sure you have either a very small frying pan (about the size you want your crepes to be) or a dedicated crepe maker. This will help you flip the crepe and keep it thin. It’s also important to grease the frying pan really well with a little bit of butter. Once it’s well greased – pour about 1/4th cup full of the batter into the very center of the pan. Then you will move the batter evenly by tilting the pan from side to side. Tip the batter until it reaches the edges of your small frying pan.

Because crepes are so thin and small, they cook quickly. Only about 1-2 minutes and the bottom will be finished. Flip the crepe carefully by using a spatula and then let it cook for another minute on the other side. When it’s done cooking, you can take the skillet, and tip it, allowing the crepe to fall off as you transfer the crepe to a plate.

While you are making the crepes, place parchment paper in between each one to keep them from sticking together and so you don’t ruin them when you are ready to fill them up with whatever toppings you choose.

I filled these with wedges of Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese which was a perfect complement to the pumpkin! Then I drizzled the crepes with nutella and topped them with a healthy dose of whipped topping and crushed pecans. I loved these toppings and fillings, but chose what you like best. Some other ideas to fill these crepes with are whipped cream, ricotta cheese, fresh fruit, pureed pumpkin, powdered sugar, yogurt, or brown sugar. You can also chose different toppings such as another type of crushed nut, honey, agave nectar, a cinnamon frosting, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar.


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