Orange Roll Bake

With Christmas time in full swing are you trying to find the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning? Growing up (and even still) Christmas breakfast is a big deal for our family! My mom always went all-out for a huge and fun Christmas breakfast. Usually we had some form of cinnamon rolls or sweet rolls with lots of sides. The family rule was we had to completely eat breakfast as a family before opening presents. As a little girl that was a little bit hard, but as I got older I almost looked forward to the breakfast more than the presents!

Naturally as a food blogger I’ve already started quite the experimenting for the best possible Christmas breakfast. This orange roll bake is definitely making it on our breakfast menu this year – it’s simple to make, super flavorful, and was a family favorite!

Instead of having to make dough that requires sometimes hours before it’s completely ready to use (and who wants to be up at 4 am on Christmas morning?!) I decided to make this orange roll bake out of biscuits. It may sound a little odd, but it’s absolutely delicious and tastes just like homemade dough in this recipe! Basically all you have to do to prep the “dough” is open the containers and cut each biscuit into four even pieces. This can easily be done with a knife or kitchen scissors. As soon as they are all cut up they go straight into the well-greased casserole dish.

I used a 9 x 13 dish for this recipe so if you are going to use a smaller dish (like an 8 x 8 casserole dish) you will need to scale the recipe down. Alternatively if you think you’ll want more than the recipe makes, it can easily be doubled.  As soon as the biscuits are all ready to go, they get covered in an easy orange glaze. If you want to do a little prep the night before, all of the biscuits can be cut and place in the casserole dish then covered. You don’t want the glaze to sit on the uncooked biscuits overnight or it will get quite soggy.

Then in the dish goes to be baked. A short time later you can pull this delicious and wonderful smelling breakfast out of the oven.

But it’s not done yet, it still needs a delicious orange cream cheese frosting to coat everything making it extra nice and gooey! The orange cream cheese glaze is just four ingredients – cream cheese, orange juice, powdered sugar, and some vanilla. Plus some optional orange zest if you want to make it extra orange flavored and pretty. If you want even more of an orange flavor, the vanilla extract could be substituted for orange extract. If you do choose to use orange extract you may want to reduce the amount depending on personal preference.

The frosting ingredients get combined and then beaten together. Afterwards the frosting is poured over the warm orange roll bake. It melts in nicely and smells absolutely divine!

This is a breakfast that can be done in about 30 minutes which is great for the busy-ness of Christmas morning. While it’s baking you could whip up a few sides such as eggs, hashbrowns, or some fresh fruit. Those are the sides I’m serving with this orange roll bake for Christmas.

The one note with this recipe is the leftovers are only good for a day after. Beyond a day of leftovers this bake doesn’t taste as great and gets a little bit soggy. I would recommend making what you are pretty certain will get eaten because this dish is truly best right out of the oven and fresh. Enjoy!

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