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Philips Air Fryer Accessories – Parts & Accessories

Philips air fryer has a plenty of accessories available to work with and make the cooking more convenient.This post summarizes Philips air fryer accessories that are accepted as useful by the users pool.

T Philips HD9910/21 Fry/Grill Pan, Black

If you like to grill and sear meat or vegetables, then a T Philips HD9910/21 Fry/Grill Pan is just the thing for you. This pan is a great accessory for a Philips Air Fryer. The pan adds some versatility to cooking.

It can be used for cooking inside the Air Fryer to replace the Philips basket. The pan virtually enlarges the inside of the Air fryer giving the user more space to cook in. This pan can be used for steak, sausages, chicken, fish, lamb chops, and much more depending on the user’s preferences.


The T Philips HD9910/21 Fry/Grill Pan is created exclusively for the Philips Air Fryer. The key features with this item are:

  • Non-stick surface. The pan has a surface that is ideal for delicate or sticky foods. Non-stick element makes this pan very easy to clean.
  • The grill pan comprises of a perforated surface. This feature creates the ideal airflow while the user is grilling.
  • The Philips grill pan can be used to grill and sear meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • The grill pan is compatible with HD922x and the HD923x Philips Air Fryer models.

If you are one that loves experimenting with your food, then this is just the pan for you. It works great with sticky foods that would otherwise be a nightmare to wash off in a basket, such as plantain. It is also dishwasher friendly. The pan leaves great grill marks on your meat, which I personally love.

The key thing to remember when you are experimenting with this grill pan is to keep the temperature low no matter the recommendations. Only con is that it only comes with a black handle. If you have a white Air fryer, the whole ensemble will not match. This item is priced at $48.88 and worth every penny.

Philips HD9925/00 Non-Stick Baking Dish, Black

This dish is compatible with the Philips Air Fryer. It is great for baking or roasting. The baking dish is small to allow air circulation inside the Air fryer. It is best suited for a small family or a couple. This item is not just a baking dish, it can be used to bake cakes, make meatballs, or even lasagna. Just as a mini oven, remember to check on your heat temperatures because the fryer heats up much faster and hotter.

The Philips HD9925/00 Non-Stick Baking Dish offers a creative and imaginative user reigns to go as crazy as they can. Some of the key features of this item are:

  • Non-stick baking pan. The non-stick concept makes the pan very easy to clean. This feature also makes it easy for you to bake cakes without worrying about a messy cleanup
  • The Philips HD9925/00 Non-Stick Baking Dish is dishwasher safe.
  • The baking dish is compatible with HD9220 and the HD9230 Air Fryer models.
  • Small handle makes the dish very portable
  • The baking pan is best suited for a creative mind. It gives the user the power to create your own recipes.

Baking pan can be used for all sorts of cooking on top of the basic baking usage. The baking pan is enough to cook moist and delicious chicken legs, or even a casserole enough for two to three people. 

The baking pan comprises of a small handle that makes the dish easy to hold and transport around the kitchen. It does not require any major cleanup after usage except for washing the non-stick pan in hot water, or simply just stick it inside a dishwasher. This must have item is not priced unreachable. 

Philips HD9904/00 Double Layer Rack, Silver

The Philips double layer rack is inclusive of skewers to make vegetables or kebabs. The rack allows for double layering cooking. Rack doubles the capacity of the Philips Air Fryer using the same electricity consumption and produces larger food quantities. 

It creates more space for you to be able to cook more within a shorter period of time. The rack can used to prepare chicken fingers, breaded fish, chicken wing, and much more! In case you require extra skewers, it is easy to find skewers that will fit into the rack at almost any pound store within the state.


The Philips double layer rack comes with great benefits for the user including:

  • Non-stick baking pan. The non-stick concept makes the pan very easy to clean. The feature also makes it easy for you to bake cakes without worrying about a messy cleanup.
  • Easy to clean. The rack is designed in a manner that makes all the racks easy to reach for cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe. The double layer rack can be cleaned using the dishwasher minimizing the time a user spends in the kitchen.
  • Includes a set of skewers for vegetables or meat kebabs.
  • double layer rack creates more space for larger quantities of food to be prepared.

When you are using the Philips double layer rack, remember that the food on the top of the rack is closer to the heat source. You might wish to lower the cooking temperatures or interchange the skewers after a few minutes for best results.

It can be used to prepare many ingredients. From meat (such as chicken wings, kebabs, e.t.c.) to vegetables ( Squash, zucchini, and much more), this double layer rack is a great accessory to purchase for your Philips Air Fryer because it allows you to cook twice as much food by double layering your items. This handy little item is priced not more than $25.00.If you won T fal actifry , you can find T fal accessories here.