Sun Basket Review: For Lazy People Who Hate To Cook

Did you know that there is a great way to add an extra element of convenience to your life? Well, food delivery services can help you to save time both by skipping out on the grocery store as well as having not to worry about planning the meals to take. People who hate to cook would like such kind of convenience. You can’t talk about convenient meal delivery services without mentioning a Sun Basket. Therefore, what is the sun basket? Please continue reading to learn my honest sun basket review, especially if you are one of those who hate cooking.

What is Sun Basket?

The idea of sun basket meals was introduced to me last year by my financial advisor as I sought to raise my credit score. One way to raise my credit score was to change the money spending pattern on food. According to my advisor, I had to try a meal kit delivery service to avoid grocery store impulse buying and to reduce the food that I wasted. The kit delivery service was also supposed to motivate me to cook at home as cooking is cheaper.

You know, I used to get expensive takeout’s, which wasted a lot of money. This is why I chose sun basket meal delivery services. Well, the sun basket had great meal choices, which I liked and was highly sustainable. Simply, sun basket is a popular meal delivery service that offers a variety of convenient meal options for various preferences and dietary needs. I fell for it very hard and very quickly. I am still using it almost a year after I subscribed. Here, you will learn about my honest review of Sun Basket.

How Does It Work?

Before I tell you how sun basket meal delivery kit works, you probably would want to know that it has dinner recipes. You just choose how often you want it to arrive at your door, perhaps every week, and it will come accompanied by ingredients and instructions. Also, there are several options; thus, you should choose the most convenient option. The possibilities include gluten-free meals, paleo, vegetarians, among others. You can select the quantity that is enough for your family.

But this sounds like any other meal kit? You are right if you think so. But sun basket is more of the regular meal kits. You know, it has snack options, breakfast, and various groceries like proteins, organic chocolates, lunch, and fresh pasta, among many others. This all is in addition to dinners. By now, you agree that it is not like any other meal kit.

Sincerely, sun basket is the best meal delivery kit decision that I made in terms of convenience and cutting on the cost of the meal. The meal-kit charges really made sense to me.

I was given two plans, a serving for a classic menu and a serving for the family plan. A meal for a traditional cuisine was going for $ 12, while a serving for a family plan was going for $ 11. After consulting with my partner, we settled for a meal for a classic menu since we were just two of us. Now, if you have ever ordered a takeout, you will agree that 12 bucks were much cheaper. Well, that is a cost for a sun basket dinner package, if you want other extras, you will pay more.

Are you an environmentally cautious person? If yes, this meal kit will impress you even more. Honestly, I liked the packaging material that everything was delivered. The materials were environmentally friendly as they were compassable, and also they could be re-used. Unlike other meals kit, you can’t end-up littering your place. Also, sun basket is in 48 states, and therefore there is a high likelihood that they supply meals in your country.

Ingredients That They Use

The best-selling point of Sun Basket is in the quality of the ingredients that they use. Their ingredients are made-up of organic products, and therefore they are highly sustainable. Did you know that they can’t use any inorganic milk, eggs, yogurt, or tofu? Definitely, as a sun basket, it is a meal kit that you can trust as far as quality is concerned.

I have been mostly ordering seafood. Well, I am a fan of seafood. Well, I realized that they only use wild-caught seafood. Perhaps, this is the reason why Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch classified Sun Basket seafood meal as the best choice and a good alternative.

Maybe you like meat, or you are a fan of poultry, they only use antibiotic and hormone-free meat. They also cannot take meat from any animal that is not pasture-raised. The best thing is that you are allowed to choose the recipe; thus, you can choose organic and grass-fed meat and poultry.

Quality Guaranteed of Sun Basket Meals

What happens if they supply a sub-standard item? Well, if this happens, don’t worry! While they have never provided any low-quality product to me for several months that I have used their meals; they usually reimburse you or credit your account if this happens.

If you order something which is not available or in season, they substitute fresh produce or protein. In addition to quality control, they supply an oven-ready meal that you can warm in an oven just minutes, and they are ready. But these are not fresh foods? Well, as much as one can argue they are not, they work well on a busy week. Just check the quality, and if you are not satisfied, notify them, and they will reimburse. What you take should taste just right.

Sun Basket Review: Is It suitable for People Who Hate to Cook?

Most people who hate to cook say that they find cooking hard and confusing. I must admit that I also thought so before ordering Sun Baskets meals kit. Therefore, why is it best for people who hate to cook? The simple reason is that their meals are always delicious and easy to make.

I can genuinely say that they have taught me how to cook. Their recipes are different, and they come with elaborate instructions that anyone can follow. Also, they have an app where you can ask questions for anything that disturbs you about their recipes. You can also use the app to select meals, rate recipes, and also to follow steps, among others. It did not only help me learn how to cook, but also taught me how to save. I can now save food, money, and time. Who wouldn’t like this?

What I Don’t Like About Sun Basket

First, I must admit that I am still using their meal delivery services. But this does not mean that I like everything about Sun Basket. You know, as much as they have a wide variety of recipes, their meal can get repetitive after a while. As things get formulaic, I find myself eager to try other recipes. Yes, this can lead to overspending, but I better overspend and enjoy it. Perhaps they should consider adding even more recipes.

Bottom Line

I genuinely love Sun Basket, and that is why I am still using their meal delivery services up to date. Their services got me excited to cook different things. It also saved me money. Yes, I sometimes find myself trying other recipes after I get used to their recipes. But are they not the ones who even taught me how to cook delicious meals? Well, I credit them for that. Their meal plan also taught me how to save money as they guided my spending formula every time I go to the grocery store.