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T Fal Accessories & Parts – Useful Accessories By Smartkitchenidea

To reverse back your T fal actifry in order allow us to review some T fal accessories available in the market.May be you are planning to buy a new one, but this spares can provide you a opportunity to save few bucks.

Replacement Mixing Paddle Blade

The T-fal Replacement Paddle Blade is designed to fit any T-fal ActiFry model. Because the paddle works hard on the multi-cookers so you don’t have to.It takes a lot of wear. If it is damaged or breaks, it can easily be replaced with this mixing paddle.

To be honest,This replacement paddle is great because if the original does wear or become damaged. The replacement paddle can be used and the ActiFry can be used indefinitely. This replacement paddle is also non-stick coated. Which is a great feature to have when it is used to constantly move food around while cooking so you don’t have to.


  • Non-stick coating – This is a great feature that helps to keep food from clumping as the T-fal ActiFry works to move the food around for even cooking.
  • Detachable – The paddle is detachable to make cleaning easier.
  • Dishwasher safe – The paddle can conveniently be detached and put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

You can now back your actifry to operation within no time with replacement of original handle.This handle allows yout to take the basket out of the actifry, Lift the handle until the click is heard to remove the dish and take out the foods.Enjoy Happy cooking low fat foods.


  • Compitablity: Fits with tefal actifry 1500632262 al800000/12b, 1500632262 al800000/12c, 1500635500 al800000/12d, 1500632284 al800100/12, 1500635502 al804000/12a, 1500635520 al806000/12a, 1500632229 fz700101/12a, 1500632229 fz700101/12b, 1500632229 fz700101/12c, 1500632229 fz700101/12d, 1500634803 gh800200/12a, 1500634809 gh800200/12b, 1500634812 gh806000/12a, 1500634818 gh806100/12a
  • lowest price.
  • Fits with all t fal 1.3 kg actifry models.
  • Long lasting.

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