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T Fal Actifry Review – Buying Guide,Features, Pros,Cons & Faq's

The T-fal Multi-Cooker is a versatile air cooker. It has unique features and is quality made by T-fal. I have been looking forg an air fryer that would help me create delicious and healthy meals for my family. The t-fal actifry does this and more. It has a large capacity and uses little to no oil when cooking so I know our meals are low in fat. It can be used to make full meals with no hassle and easy clean up. Really,This actifry cooks fast and evenly leaving me little to do while we wait for our meal to be ready. I am happy that I chose the t-fal actifry to use as a multi-cooker for me and my family.

Healthy Meals

The T-fal Multi-Cooker Actifry fries food with little to no oil so fried food can be enjoyed without the guilt. I do not have to worry about enjoying my favorite foods like French Fries and Fried Chicken. More importantly, the halogen oven uses heat from the light and a powerful fan to cook food fast and evenly. I can create all kinds of healthy meals including seafood, lean meats and roasts, stir fry and vegetables in this oven and know that I am preparing healthy meals for my family that they will enjoy.


T-fal Multi-Cooker is just that – a multi-cooker. I can make just about anything in this versatile oven. I have made roasts, chili, gumbo, stir fry, risotto, fish, vegetables, French Fries, chips and more. However,The oven even bakes to make delicious desserts. The unique stir paddle and pulse heat system assure that heat is evenly distributed as my meals cook.


The T-fal Multi-Cooker is easy to use. All I have to do is put the food in, select the temperature, turn it on and wait for my meal to be done. The lid is completely transparent and steam-free so I can check in every now and then to see how my meal is doing. It cooks in no time at all and the food is delicious. The oven is very easy to clean. 

With little to no oil used in recipes, there is no messy, oil splatter to clean up. Apart from this, it has a removable ceramic coated nonstick pan too. The paddle that moves the food around during cooking easily pops out to clean. I just have to clean the oven using soapy water and it is ready for the next use. The oven and its parts are also dishwasher safe so I can clean them that way too.

Healthy meals – The Multi-Cooker makes healthy, low fat meals that are delicious

Variety – This Actifry cooks a variety of foods in one convenient counter top oven. It fries, bakes and more.

Easy to use – All I have to do is plug the oven in, select the desired temperature, put the food in,turn it on and set the timer. Clean up is easy with the removable, ceramic coated non-stick pan and no greasy oil residue or splatter.

Odorless – The odorless filter is a great feature. I can make all types of meals including fried foods without filling my kitchen and home with odors that last for days

Recipe Book – The color recipe book that the T-fal Actifry comes with has 38 recipes that can be used to make great meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Paddle- The paddle sometimes stops during use. Its hollow bottom is difficult to clean.

Capacity – The Actifry is made for making large batches of food at one time so it does not work as well for smaller batches.

Many parts – There are a lot of parts to this oven.

Slow Cooking-The Actifry cooks a bit slower than some other halogen ovens.But it is also appropriate for cooking some dishes.

  • 2.2 pound capacity to cook larger meats, larger amounts of food and full meals at one time
  • 1400 Watt power for faster cooking
  • Electric heater
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Stir paddle and pulse heat system for fast and even cooking
  • Odorless filter
  • Simple temperature setting with no need to preheat
  • Built in countdown timer with buzzer to alert when cooking is done
  • Measuring spoon included to accurately measure oil and avoid too much
  • Convenient and easy to clean with soapy water
  • Color recipe book with 38 recipes included

-Yes, Among all model of T Fal Actifry,it is the biggest size.

-No, it is fixed and cannot be removed

-This oven does not heat up the home when cooking. It has an odorless filter. The food’s flavor is better and there is less oil used so less fat and healthier food.

The T-fal Multi-Cooker is a good kitchen appliance. This cooker is easy to use and easy to clean. It cooks a multitude of foods and is great for making larger batches of food. It is great for making healthy meals that taste good.

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