What Is An Air Fryer & How Does It Work? Definition & Technology

First of all let us know what is an air fryer? An air fryer is used in the kitchen to prepare food by circulating hot air, usually at 200 Celsius, with the help of a mechanical fan around food. The air is circulated at high speed, cooking the dish while maintaining a crispy taste on the food. This is basically called the Millard reaction.

Foods prepared by deep frying taste so good. However, I personally do not like the idea of getting too much oil as it’s not good for the body. The possibility of building too much fat fiber in the body is high, especially if I am over dependent on deep fried foods.

How about I tried an air fryer, an appliance that prepares with 80% less fat? The appliance also comes with a recipe book to prepare other foods other than those that require deep frying.we have published an epic article of air fryer review & buying guide,check it for better understanding

The appliance uses the following strategy or may be said technique to cook food:

This is basically a unique technique that incorporates the use of a high speed air circulation, in the fryer’s grill. A powerful fan circulates air into the food basket making the food in the basket cook faster. 

In it is a well-designed food basket that contributes air to flow in by swirling. This is a simple and an innovative mechanism to get food ready without oil. The ingredients in the basket are heated at all sides at once prepare tasty food with ease. Once the food is cooked, it comes with that great crispy taste and the food is all cooked in the inside.

The appliance has undergone rigorous tests before being released to the market. The main aim of using this appliance is to make food with a lower fat content unlike using conventional methods while getting the same crispy essence.

For example, upon preparing potato chips at home, I found that the fat content was significantly low. The ingredients in the basket are heated from all corners simultaneously. This makes food delicious and healthy for consumption. Food is made to have low calories in the long run.

With an air fryer, I am sure to prepare my food fast. I prepared 300 grams of potato chips in less than 15 minutes. After the preparation time, the fryer’s automatic switch powers it off. Another advantage of using the fryer is that you start hot frying immediately despite it being cold.