What Is An Infrared Cooker? How Does It Work?

In the world of gourmet steaks and five-star restaurants, people are always looking for new ways to present food. While cooking by infrared cooker may sound like new technology, it is actually quite old. What many people do not realize is that they have most likely used forms of infrared cooking in the past. Charcoal grilling is perhaps the oldest form of infrared cooking. The heat from the coals is transferred to food until it reaches the proper temperature. There are many new devices introduced today which seem to be making waves. This should not come as a surprise seeing as infrared cooking has proved to be effective for decades of use.

In the past, infrared cookers usually found in steakhouses and other types of restaurants. Recently, the grills have adapted for cooking enthusiasts to use at home. Similar to a microwave, infrared cooking works by heating the air around food at a very high temperature. That helps to cook it quickly and evenly. Traditional gas grills can reach a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit (398 degrees Celsius).While infrared grills can reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit (482 degrees Celsius). What makes these devices unique is the fact that they will not dry out food. Keeping in the delicious flavor while still delivering the finished product in less time. With all the advantages to this grilling method, it is no wonder why the infrared cooking trend is becoming so popular.

There are many new devices available for people who want to try infrared cooker themselves. Nowadays, you will find portable induction cooktop, oil-less turkey fryer, microwave oven, wall type induction- all are developed based on infrared technology. With every new appliance, there are always going to be some good models and some that will make people wonder why they ever wanted to try something new in the first place.

Things to Consider before Buying

A few things to look for when choosing the right cooker are reviews as well as customer comments. A quality product will have high praise for its users. Also, consider that is to fill the space. Some infrared ovens are much larger than others. Finally, consider the availability of customer service options and warranties. Any company that sells a superior product will always stand by it and make assurances to keep users satisfied.

To make the research easier, here are a few examples of the highly recommended infrared cooker. First, there is the Broilmaster R3B. While this model is more expensive than many others, the end product is worth the large price tag. The burners and grates give enough space in between to make sure food does not overcook.The top of the line construction makes it both convenient and durable.

Next, there is the TEC Cherokee FR. This grill has mastered heat consistency making sure all food is cooking evenly.

Last comes the Weber Genesis. With the perfectly placed cast iron cooking grates, this form of infrared cooking promises to give the very best quality. Many other cookers and grills promise to give infrared cooking a real name.

Before making a purchase, everyone will have the chance to experience it for themselves. We have published a post on portable induction cook top & best oil less turkey fryer that might be a rich source of knowledge for you.For turkey fryers, article on can you reuse turkey fryer oil or how to cook a butterball turkey could be very useful for you. 


Some may see grilling as a simple task. Take a piece of meat and cook it for a few minutes on both sides. This may work for a few people, but for more experienced chefs, there is so much more to the whole process. To find the perfect way to cook, people try out new methods every day to see what works best. Infrared cookers have seen a rise in popularity in the past few years for good reason. For a quick, perfectly seared, meal, these grills promise to take cooking to a whole new level.