What To Consider For Buying A Under Sink Water Heater For Kitchen

Are you looking forward to installing an under sink water heater in your kitchen? Don’t know what are the things that you need to know and consider while buying? No problem! We are here to guide you all the way. No matter, whether you are going to buy best under mount kitchen sinks for granite countertops for the first time or have purchased before. Just go through the lines below. We hope this easy, useful, and brief guideline will crack the hard nut of choosing the perfect under sink water heater for your kitchen. So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider before buying under Sink Water Heater

Pointing the perfect under sink water heater is not that much easy.Let us elaborate the findings that will guide you considering your requirements.


The very first thing that you need to consider is the size of your under sink water heater. If there is any shortage of space in your kitchen, you need to go for a space saver little one provided that you don’t have much kitchen chores.

Again, small water heaters can help you saving utility bills if you don’t need hot water frequently. For a small size kitchen, we think, it will be a decent choice to go for tank-less under sink water heater as you don’t have sufficient space to accommodate a storage tank.If you use one of the best kitchen faucet & tiny water sink, you do not to worry about that.

​Water heaters are available in the various type of energy sources including a gas run as well as electricity powered. Gas run water heater needs ventilation space which is quite tough to manage regarding under sink heaters. So, it is always a nice decision to go for electricity powered one when buying a water heater for your kitchen.

​Incoming and Desired Temperature

​Kitchen appliances like kitchen sink or dishwasher require a particular water temperature. So, you need to determine how much temperature you need your water heater to rise for reaching the desired temperature level. For this, you need to calculate the temperature of your incoming water and how many gallons your appliance will need per minute.

​For example, a kitchen sink usually requires 1.5 GMP where the desired temperature is 110 F. Now if the incoming water temperature is 55 F. you need to buy a water heater that can provide 1.5 GMP and 55 F. temperature rise to maintain the job properly.

​Water Demands for Kitchen Appliances

​Now, have a look at the chart below and calculate how much of hot water your kitchen appliances will require per minute. If you want to run multiple appliances simultaneously, do not forget to add each appliance to measure the total amount of hot water you will need.

​If you want to use a kitchen sink that requires 1.5 GMP where the desired temperature is 110 F and a washing machine that requires 2 GMP and desired temperature is 120 F simultaneously, you will need 3.5 GMP. Now, if the incoming water temperature is 55 F. you need to buy a water heater that can provide 3.5 GMP and 65 F. temperature rise to maintain the job properly.

​Water Heater Brand

​Brand of your water heater is another important consideration. So, while going to purchase under sink water heater for your kitchen, consider a renowned and widely used brand in the industry.

​Price and Warranty

​Like all other considerations, Price and Warranty are also crucial.And you need to keep these things in mind while purchasing.For the price, we all have a common tendency to go for the cheaper one. But in the case of a water heater, you should never compromise with quality. Rather go for the best one even if that costs a few bucks more so you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water in the kitchen for longer without having the panic of repairing and replacement.

Other Considerations

​Apart from all these, there are a few things that you should never overlook, like

  • Installation and maintenance costing
  • Repairing and servicing availability
  • life expectancy, etc.

One more thing, don’t forget to check users remarks on your targeted water heater.

Reference: The Blazing Home

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