White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits

Now that the holidays are officially over, I’m settling back into my old routine. No more watching Christmas movies every night, running out to buy last minute gifts, or fighting the crowds at the shopping malls every weekend. And while I don’t miss holiday shopping, I do miss my Christmas tree. Now that all of my decorations are put away, the house just feels bare, almost like it has the cold weather, I-don’t-like-January-blahs. Are you like that, too?

 But one thing I do love about the winter is that I can cozy up in my house and bake as much as my little heart desires. Ok, who am I kidding…I bake all year long, but I especially love to do it when the weather gets cold. There’s nothing like burrowing under my electric throw blanket (best invention ever), along with a cup of coffee and a baked good to munch on.

 My latest (and possibly tastiest) treat are these White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits. Almost like a scone, but easier to prepare, these biscuits are full of cinnamon and white chocolate chips. They bake up soft, fluffy and full of cozy winter flavors. And to top these babies off, they’re drizzled with a cream glaze. Definitely swoon-worthy, right?

Perfect to dunk in your mug of hot chocolate or coffee, these White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits make the perfect breakfast, snack, or after-dinner dessert. And these cuties taste incredible with some butter slathered on top, too.

Besides being a breeze to whip up, these White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits are a one bowl treat. So that means easy prep time, minimal ingredients, and less to clean up. Sounds pretty good, huh?

To make these biscuits, you’ll start with some basic ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen. Whisk together the dry ingredients and then pour in some melted butter and  buttermilk. The dough mixture will be pretty thick, which is normal. Then fold in the white chocolate chips and stir to combine. Drop the dough by large spoonfuls (roughly around 1/4 cup) on a lined baking sheet and pop ’em into the oven. Once the White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits are slightly golden brown and firm, they’re ready to come out.

It’s important that you let these biscuits cool before you glaze. It’s hard to resist sneaking a taste of the warm biscuits, but trust me, it’s worth the wait! Once the biscuits are cool, drizzle a mixture of heavy cream and powdered sugar on top. Then get ready to devour!

One bite and these White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits will knock your socks off! The cinnamon and white chocolate pair so well together, while the biscuit itself is soft and full of flavor. So the next time you’re wanting to get busy in the kitchen, try out these White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits! I guarantee you’ll love them just as much as me!